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The Application of Synchrotron Imaging for Crop Improvement Workshop (June 10-12,2014 at the Radisson Hotel, Saskatoon,  SK) will explore the application of synchrotron light to imaging plants to support the selection and development of superior crop lines. 

The workshop will look at ways plants can be structurally and functionally imaged, in-vivo to in-situ, and applying this information to aid in the development and selection of higher yielding crop varieties. 

The workshop will focus on imaging all components of the plant, from root to stem. It is believed that imaging will be a key tool in achieving the substantial increases in crop productivity to feed the world’s growing population.
The workshop will consist of quality presentations, exhibitor booths, a poster session, networking events and a tour of the Canadian Light Source. You will have opportunities to meet some of the world’s leading innovators in this industry, in both research and commercialization. 

Who should attend?
This international conference will be of significant interest to industry executives, scientists involved in commercial development and sale of improved crop cultivars, academic scientists who are interested in or doing research on crop growth and development, government policy makers in agricultural innovation to enhance crop production to meet the future demand for food. 
On behalf of the Workshop Steering Committee,
Royal Hinther (Co-Chair), Canadian Light Source
Wilf Keller (Co-Chair), Ag-West Bio
Paul Arnison, Prairie Plant Systems
Emil Hallin, Canadian Light Source
Danya Kordan, Innovation Saskatchewan
Martin Reaney, Prairie Tide Chemicals
Lester Young, Crop Development Centre
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