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As global ambassadors of Parisian fashion and sophistication, L’Oréal Professionnel’s vision is to build a community of creative and successful professionals who strive to excel together.
Originating from Paris, the capital of arts and high fashion, L’Oréal Professionnel is at the forefront of today’s trends. Inspired by catwalks, architecture, cinema and other influential arts, they work with the world’s most talented hairdressers to create exciting colour collections and on-trend looks.

The Challenge

L’Oreal was under time constraints to create and deploy over 100 registration forms for a quickly approaching training series held across Canada. In the past, L’Oréal had been using a combination of websites and registration systems designed for internal use only to register attendees for L’Oréal product classes. Each site was developed by their IT department and linked to the other systems. The customer service department was tasked with processing registration requests manually and by phone.
The process started with reps entering the registration requests from the registrant into the system (website #1). The system then generates a list of pending registrations for the customer service team (website #2). The customer service team then processes the registrations manually. Once this was complete, the registrants were now available on the final website (website #3) where they were listed in their classes with the other registrants.
L’Oréal wanted their clients to be able to register by themselves. Using up so much of their customer service department’s time was resulting in a very high annual cost. The volume eventually became too much for the department to handle efficiently as registration requests came in too quickly.

The Solution

The Event Wizard®
team provides
amazing customer
service and

L’Oréal made the decision to use Event Wizard® shortly after their search for an online registration solution began. Event Wizard® was the most cost-effective software available that permitted total flexibility when it came to the bilingual (French & English) needs of L’Oréal’s team and their registrants.
To ensure an immediate report was available across all 100 forms at anytime, the Event Wizard® team created a real time Global Report available in L’Oréal’s account. This custom report merged registrant information from each of the 100 registration forms, ensuring the L’Oréal customer service team had the most accurate data available at any time.
A custom merge tag was also created for L’Oréal that displayed the number of remaining spots for each registration form. This proved to be a key factor in creating a sense of urgency to register which was evident when many of the forms filled to capacity.

The Result

L’Oréal was able to develop and deploy over 100 bilingual registration forms within a very short amount of time. Each L’Oréal representative was able to see real-time reports that allowed for immediate onsite planning decisions to be made. Registrants could see the number of remaining spots available on any of the registration forms immediately upon landing on any of them. This resulted in higher conversion rates as registrants did not want to miss out on the opportunity to register. L’Oréal noted the following benefits of using Event Wizard® for their online registration needs:

  • Immediate and substantial cost savings
  • Ability to handle a large volume of registrations at anytime in both English and French
  • Increased conversion rates
  • A very responsive and helpful Event Wizard® customer support team
  • Up to the minute and accurate reporting

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