Alberta Teachers’ Association


The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) is an organization that represents teachers in the Province of Alberta. The Association has 43,000 members and is responsible for professional development, member discipline and grievances, and collective bargaining. The ATA supports 22 specialist councils that represent different subject specializations for teachers across geographic regions of the Province. As part of the organizational structure there are also 10 convention associations and 54 regional locals.

The Challenge

Since implementing Event Wizard® we have realized a tremendous amount of time and cost savings.

The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) has 22 specialist councils located throughout the province of Alberta. Traditionally ATA processed event registrations and payments manually for all conferences, workshops and planning sessions. This method of processing registrations was time consuming and subject to human error, particularly with the specialist council offices being located throughout the Province of Alberta.

ATA began sourcing an online registration software provider in November 2010. It was imperative that the chosen solution met strict requirements for ATA, including; being cost- effective, easy to use and learn, feature rich, availability of support, and look and feel of the registration forms.

The Solution

Event Wizard® was chosen as ATA’s registration software provider shortly after the process of finding the right solution began. The decision came easy for ATA as there were no contracts or annual commitments with Event Wizard®. This allowed each council to run events on their own without concern of contractual obligations or budget constraints posed by such requirements. In addition, ATA noted the following key benefits:

  • Increased efficiency among councils resulting in time and money savings
  • Ability to integrate the ATA Beanstream payment gateway meant the Association was able to maintain full control over all event registration payments, refunds and adjustments.
  • A La Carte pricing options meant ATA wasn’t forced to pay for all features of the software when some councils required much less functionality than others.
  • Comprehensive reporting with 24/7 secure web access

The Result

Since implementing Event Wizard® as the standard online event registration solution there has been immediate positive results for many ATA councils. ATA has realized a tremendous amount of time and cost savings, as well as more successful reporting with Event Wizard®. Now that the registration component of ATA is standardized across all councils it has immediately reduced ATA’s event set-up and administrative time.

The Alberta Teachers’ Association councils quickly adopted Event Wizard® and have found it very successful. As a result the ATA will continue using Event Wizard® for all online registration needs.

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