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AGHPS 10th Leadership Summit 2020
Friday, November 6, 2020
Virtual Event
* Invitation to Participate *
Theme: Does Real Change Happen in 10 Years or 10 Weeks?
AGHPS 10th Leadership Summit 2020
November 6, 2020
Invitation to Participate
Theme: Does Real Change Happen in 10 Years or 10 Weeks?
Given the unique situation and accompanying restrictions associated with the COVID 19 pandemic, the AGHPS will host the 10th Leadership Summit exclusively via a virtual platform. Despite the logistical challenges, the need for strong coordinated leadership in Ontario hospital mental health has never been greater. Rather than cancel the annual meeting of leaders, we are committed to leveraging technology to increase access and encourage all Chiefs and Directors in Schedule I hospitals to participate and contribute to crafting the “go forward” plan for the immediate challenges of the pandemic but also for the future of mental healthcare.
Winston Churchill working to form the United Nations in the mid- 1940s as the end of WW II was approaching said “never let a good crisis go to waste”. For all the pain and disruption caused by the current global pandemic there is an opportunity to do things we haven't done before. The test of leaders now will be to pull from our experience to improve access, treatment and care of those living with mental illness. In this way we benefit current and future society and honour those thousands of individuals who died during the crisis.
Summit Learning Objectives
  • To host a virtual Leadership Summit that provides all Schedule I leaders access to information, interaction and collaboration
    in order to optimize systems and practice, and influence policies and best practices for Ontario.
  • To choose a post COVID-19 path that enhances those changes that were positive and moves away from those that did not
    enhance practice nor systems.
  • To determine priorities for the AGHPS moving forward.

* * *

The AGHPS is hosting its 10th Leadership Summit for:
Chiefs of Psychiatry, Hospital Psychiatrists, Directors of Mental Health, Mental Health Managers
and other strategic stakeholders involved in leading and governing hospital mental health and addiction programs
1011 Upper Middle Road East Suite 1430
Oakville ON    L6H 5Z9
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