Event Wizard® PricingOne price, all of our features.

Our pricing includes all features available within Event Wizard®.
There are no sign-up fees, no annual fees and no upgrades.

Pricing Options

Event Wizard® pricing is based on a per registration fee, meaning each time someone registers for any of your events you are charged a registration fee. This fee applies once per registration and does not apply when making updates to your registrant’s records.

If you are collecting fees on your form and need the ability to process credit card transactions, you will also be subject to a credit card processing fee. With that, each event you create in your Event Wizard account will fall under one of two pricing structures.

Registration Fee

Registration Fee
Credit Card Processing Fee

Registration Fees

We offer two options to pay for your per registration fees.


Per Registration



3.45 each

This fee is charged each time someone registers for one of your events.


Unlimited Annual License




This fee is charged annually and allows for an unlimited number of registrations in your account.

Not sure which option is best, we can help.
How many registrations do you expect to process in one year?

Credit Card Processing Fees

If you need to process credit cards on your registration form
we have two options for doing so.


Use the Event Wizard®
Payment Processor

  • 5% per transaction
  • Accepts either CAD or USD
  • Can process  Visa Mastercard AMEX


Integrate your own
Payment Processor

Pricing Calculator

Use our calculator to get an idea of what your account would cost
over the course of one year.


Used for estimation purposes only.

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