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DECEMBER 2–4, 2014
GrowCanada Conference - Home
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Program of Events: Day 2 - December 4


9:00am - Sustainability matters to farmers and consumers. How do we connect the two?

Growers care about sustainability and farming has never been more sustainable than it is today. In turn, consumers are demanding the foods they purchase be sustainably sourced, but do they know what that means? This session will explore how companies are dealing with consumers’ demand of sustainable sourcing and bridging the gap between growers and consumers' perceptions of sustainability.


Steve Peterson, Director of sustainable sourcing, General Mills
Tim Burrack, Vice-chairman of Truth About Trade & Technology and Iowa farmer 

Sponsored by BASF Canada

11:00am - Overcoming obstacles

Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Skydiving World Champion and author of Above all Else

Through skydiving, Dan has developed strategies towards overcoming obstacles, achieving goals and building teams that can be applied to personal life or the workplace. He will provide insight into the perspective and attitude you need to accomplish any challenges you face and a strategy for anticipating all the obstacles you will inevitably have to face.

Thanks to our 2014 sponsors

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