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GrowCanada Conference - Home
DECEMBER 2–4, 2014
GrowCanada Conference - Home
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Program of Events: Day 1 - December 3


9:00am Keynote presentation - Remarks by Brian Mulroney

Brian Mulroney, Canada's 18th Prime Minister

Brian Mulroney is the architect of Canada’s modern international trade policy who transformed Canada into an economic and political influence in the world. Mulroney will share his insight on global trade and North America’s role in establishing and maintaining markets for alliances in a world emerging into new economic consciousness.

Sponsored by Crop Production Services and the Council for Biotechnology Information Canada

10:30am - Turning the challenge of educating the consumer into an opportunity

Today’s consumers want to know what they’re eating. With technology literally at our fingertips, the demand for knowledge has never been so strong. In this session, we’ll explore how we can turn this thirst for knowledge into an opportunity to educate consumers about their food.


Sherry MacLauchlan, Director of government affairs and sustainability, McDonald's Restaurants of Canada
Kate Hall, Manager, Managing director, the Council for Biotechnology Information, U.S. 
Bruce Anderson, Chairman, Abacus Data and partner i2 Ideas and Issues Advertising

Sponsored by Monsanto Canada

1:00pm - Inside Ottawa: the pundits panel

Canada heads to the polls in 2015 after four years of a Conservative majority government. By the next election, Stephen Harper will be Canada’s sixth longest-serving Prime Minister. Can he cement a Conservative dynasty, or is change in the wind? This session will bring together Canada’s top political pundits to explore predictions for the coming year, hear each of the political parties views on agriculture, innovation and trade issues, and learn what our industry needs to do to elevate our topics in the political discussion.


Tasha Kheiriddin, Political commentator and columnist, National Post and iPolitics


Paul Wells, Senior columnist, Maclean's magazine
Althia Raj, Huffington Post Canada's Ottawa Bureau Chief
Susan Delacourt, Senior political writer, the Toronto Star

Sponsored by Dow AgroSciences

3:00pm - Genomics in agriculture

Dr. Sean Myles, Canada Research Chair in Agricultural Genetic Diversity 

The cost of obtaining the genetic blueprints of the plants and animals we rely on for food has never been cheaper. We anticipate that the cost will continue to drop well into the future. Dr Myles will explain what these blueprints can tell us and how they can contribute to a more profitable and sustainable future for agriculture in Canada. 

Sponsored by DuPont Pioneer

3:30pm - Emerging technologies 

Lisa Prassack, Innovation expert & data strategy consultant

Lisa Prassack has seen precision agriculture evolve rapidly both in capability and promise to help farmers meet the global demand for food, fiber and energy production. Prassack will share how precision agriculture is rapidly evolving the data landscape and what this means for the future of farming.

Sponsored by Grain Farmers of Ontario

GrowCanada 5km fun run - 4:30pm 

Runners meet in the lobby to head out for a scenic 5km run or walk. 

Sponsored by CropLife Canada

GrowCanada Banquet - 7:00pm

Sponsored by Bayer CropScience

Changing the conversation - the power of storytelling

Terry O'Reilly, Host, CBC Radio’s Under the Influence and author of The Age of Persuasion

Changing a negative perception is a difficult task, but storytelling is a powerful tool to help influence an audience. A very passionate and humourous presenter, Terry O’Reilly has a unique and insightful viewpoint on what it takes to connect with customers in this day and age. He’ll explore the power of big ideas and how those ideas can change perceptions and behavior.


Thanks to our 2014 sponsors

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