Our Techsupport Commitment

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DotCom Your Event® is committed to responding to your technical support inquiries within 1 hour of your initial request during regular business hours. Resolution of a technical problem may take longer depending on the nature of the issue. If this is the case we will provide an estimate of the time required to resolve the issue.

  • Estimated response time applies to technical support issues which require resolution. Event Wizard® usability issues and/or custom programming requirements are not included in this response time target.
  • Response time applies to technical support issues that are sent to us via an Event Wizard® support ticket or via email to techsupport@event-wizard.com. These response times do not apply to direct calls or directs emails to employees of DotCom Your Event®.
  • Technical support is free of charge and available Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern Time excluding holidays.
  • For inquiries outside of normal business hours, we will respond within 24 hours. To obtain urgent technical support outside normal business hours, please call 416-346-3461.

What does technical support cover?

Technical support is in place to assist with any technical issues you may encounter, like “Bug” fixes or registration form errors. Technical support does not cover training, usability issues or custom programming requirements for Event Wizard®.

If you are new to Event Wizard® we will provide you with a one hour free training session upon request. Should you require additional training please send a support ticket to the ‘General Inquiries’ department outlining the number of training hours you require and the size of the team being trained.

Additional training is $80.00 per half hour and will be quoted at the time of request.

What can I do to help make the technical support response times quicker?

To help speed up the technical support response time please submit your support request through the support ticket system located within your accounts main menu.

  • When you submit your ticket please be as detailed as possible:
  • What is the name of the event and the URL?
  • Detail the problem and note any error messages you received.
  • Before submitting your ticket, ensure this is not an issue you have inquired about in the past. All past support tickets you have submitted will remain in your account for future reference.

I don’t think my issue is of technical nature, are there other ways of finding an answer to my question?

There are many ways to find the answer you’re looking for within Event Wizard®, all of which are updated on a regular basis, they include:

  • Help videos and blog posts – located in our Help Centre
  • Help menus located throughout the software
  • Update your user preferences to show/hide help pop-ups
  • Sign up for our newsletter full of tips & tricks
  • Read our blog at www.event-wizard.com/blog/