Event Wizard® FeaturesThese are the tools that will help you create that perfect registration form. (plus lots more)

When you hold an Event Wizard® account we include all features. There are no upgrades or tiered accounts, everyone is equal in our books. Plus, we add features to Event Wizard® all the time so if you think it's good now, it keeps getting better.


Custom Theme Designer

We know how important your event and company branding is, so our theme designer gives you total control over your registration form’s design. Learn more →

Customize your Registration Form Fields

Your event is unique so your registration form fields should be too. Collect only the data you need, nothing more, nothing less.

Multi-Language & Currency Support

Build your registration form in any language & accept payments in any currency. Conference in China? No problem. Seminar in Germany? No problem. You get the idea. Learn more →

Social Promotion Tools

An event without attendees is, well nothing. Promote your event using our built-in social media tools and let your attendees promote your event straight from the registration form using our proprietary social media bar. Learn more →

Group Registration

With our group registration module you can register, pay and manage large groups at once. Learn more →

Mobile Friendly Registration Forms

We take the guesswork out of optimizing your registration form for mobile devices. Learn more →


Event Wizard® Ticket Scanner App

Use the Event Wizard® Ticket Scanner App to scan personalized barcodes and QR codes making your onsite check-in and fee tracking a breeze. Available for iOS and Android devices. Learn more →

Event Wizard® Mobile

Download Event Wizard® Mobile for any mobile device and take the power of Event Wizard® with you. Access your attendee lists, check-in attendees on-site, apply a payment, and more. Learn more →


Attendee Reports

Your Event Wizard® account comes with an entire suite of powerful reporting tools to ensure you know everything about your event at all times. Your reports can be accessed 24/7 from any computer or our Event Wizard® Mobile App. Learn more →

Custom Report Builder

Create any custom report you would like based on the data you have collected and nerd out all day long using our filters and sorting options.

Recover Your Per Registration Fee

Use our Service Fee Field to create a service fee on your form that is charged to every registrant that completes your form and helps you to recover your per registration cost. Learn more →

Secure Payment Processing

Event Wizard® meets all PCI compliancy requirements to ensure your registrant’s credit cards are secure during payment processing. Our SSL-certificate is with Geotrust. We use 128-bit encryption to send all data across the internet. Event Wizard® operates in an entirely secure environment so all data is transmitted securely.


Free Technical Support

Never feel alone with our unrivaled free technical support. We will always get back to you with a solution and we’ll do it very quickly. Our support ticket system keeps a history of questions you have asked in case the question comes up again. Learn more →

Up-to-Date Help Centre

Our Help Centre is constantly updated with new videos and help articles to assist you with everything from building your registration form to managing your reports. Learn more →

Professional Registration Form Build Services

Don’t want to build your form or need it in a hurry? We offer Custom Form Building Services to get you on your way quickly. Learn more →


Account Security

Your Event Wizard® account is accessed only by your unique login and password. In addition, you can set up individual user logins for your event reports with different levels of security enabled. Learn more →

No Marketing Lists

When your attendees sign-up for an event on Event Wizard® they are never unknowingly added to email marketing lists. Unfortunately, this has become a habit in the registration and ticketing industry, and is not something we will ever take part in.

Server Location

There are many reasons people like Canada; Hockey, poutine, the cute way we finish sentences with eh! For event planners, it’s our servers and the fact they are not subject to the Patriot Act like servers based in the U.S.A. are. That means total privacy and security of your attendee’s information. Learn more →

Server Location

Let’s face it, Canada is a pretty cool place! That’s why we decided to house our servers there – they are secure, reliable and they are not subject to the Patriot Act like servers in the US are. What does this mean for you? It means total privacy and security of your attendee’s information. Learn more →