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People with epilepsy, families and professionals

are invited to an

Epilepsy Conference

to learn about

The Andrews-Reiter Approach

October 15, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario


This is a rare opportunity to hear doctors Donna Andrews and Joel Reiter speak about their peer-reviewed innovative research and answer questions about their remarkably successful treatment techniques.  Other speakers include respected neurologist Dr. Siegwald Elsas, who has replicated the success of the Andrews-Reiter treatment, and Rosa Michaelis, who will present a comprehensive peer review.  The conference also will feature panel discussions with patients who have been treated by Andrews and Reiter.  They will discuss the treatment from the patient's point of view, exploring the marked drop in the frequency of their seizures and the significant benefits to their health.
What is the Andrews-Reiter Treatment/Approach?
The Andrews-Reiter (A/R) Treatment was pioneered by two doctors in Northern California with decades of experience in treating epilepsy: Dr. Donna Andrews, a neuropsychologist, and Dr. Joel Reiter, a Harvard-educated neurologist. 
The treatment, which has helped thousands of patients control their epilepsy, extends from a basic question: if I have overactive neurons at all times, why am I not having seizures all the time? So often the worst feature of epilepsy is the randomness of the seizures, the crippling fear that a seizure could strike at any time.  This conference aims to eliminate that fear by laying out research which identifies the triggers for seizures, presenting both patients and neurologists with a successful path for treatment.
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