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Partnering for Possibilities


This year we are back at the Coast Hotel in Canmore, Alberta offering Pre-Conference on Thursday October 13th. Sessions will include Unpacking the new Math and English curriculums through a Disability Inclusive Lens and a deeper investigation into the Indigenous Foundational knowledge in the new curriculum.
Both sessions are focused on consolidating teacher expertise in these new curricular areas.   
Regular Conference begins on Friday October 14th and continues for a half day on Saturday October 15th.
Keynotes include Dr. Wayne Hammond and his Flourishing Life Framework as well as
Jennifer Buchanan with her inspirational presentation on Wellness, well played: The Power of Music.
The Conference Committee is looking forward to a long awaited inspiring and educational professional development opportunity with over 30 sessions to choose from. If that doesn't entice you, then you should also know that Conference Pricing has been frozen at the 2019 rates! 
We are excited to be immersed in professional conversations, learning from colleagues, guest speakers and being live and in person!
We are considering offering sessions online as well, but we would first like your feedback. 
Please let us know if online PD is your preference by completing this short survey. 
Sessions offered at Celebrating the Challenges - Partnering for Possibilities will be applicable to many professionals including: TeachersSupport StaffSchool and District Administration, Psychologists and Specialists (SLPs, OTs and PTs).
Join us in our digital spaces for information and updates:
Facebook: ATA Council for Inclusive Education, Instagram: council4inclusiveed and Twitter: @atainclusiveed

  1. Open Google Chrome (other web browsers have problems connecting with our registration system)
  2. Click on the "Register" tab at the top of this page
  3. Fill in the data fields with your personal information 
  4. Make your registration selections
  5. Click on the "Continue to Checkout" button at the bottom of the page
  6. Submit payment via VISA or MasterCard​ 
  7. If you need to pay for your group by cheque, you will need to contact the registrar for a code 

To Book your Hotel please visit The Coast Hotel and follow the instructions.
Wednesday Evening
Hotel Check in*
Registration and Delegate's packages 7:00pm until 8:00pm
Hotel Check in*
Registration and Delegate's packages 8:30am
Unpacking the new Math and English Curriculum through a Disability Inclusive Lense
Diving Deeper into the Indigenous Studies Curriculum
Evening wine and cheese with the National Arts Society Presentations and Silent Auction
*Parking continues to be a challenge.
Car pool if you can and be prepared for street parking.
(Shopping mall is not available for parking)
Registration Continues 8:30am
Opening Speaker, Dr Waynne Hammond - Flourishing Life
Full day of Sessions 
Refreshments and Lunch
Dinner on your own 
Exhibitors (all day)
Hotel Check out
Light Breakfast
Morning Sessions 
Closing Keynote, Jennifer Buchanan - Wellness, well played: The Power of Music
Silent Auction Results

ATA Members are eligible to register for one FREE SPECIALIST COUNCIL MEMBERSHIP:

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If you do not have a ATA online account

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  8. A second membership can also be purchased for $25.
​If you encounter any problems, please contact the help desk at itshelpdesk@ata.ab.ca or phone 780-447-9411.  

Visit our Conference Website for regular updates!

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