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ETF Macro Trading Strategies – Tradeable/Actionable Ideas
Cross-asset Investment Strategy Specialists from CIBC World Markets and RBC Capital Markets will present their best ETF tradable ideas based on their latest unbiased macro trading strategy research.  Each speaker will present 5 global thematic themes with a 12-18-month investment horizon. They will discuss the merits of the thematic idea and their best ETF picks to capitalize on these themes. The attendee will walk away with 10 tradable ETF ideas that can be implemented immediately based on sound unbiased capital market research from two of the best capital desks in Canada.
Unlocking the Fixed Income ETF Toolkit
ETFs have democratized investing for many types of investors, but where their advantageous have been the most pronounced is in fixed income ETFs. With the current challenges in sourcing bond inventory and generating alpha, fixed income ETFs are proving to be an effective multi-purpose solution for bond investors. During this session, you will hear how institutional investors and portfolio managers have been utilizing fixed income ETFs in order to improve portfolio construction capabilities and increase liquidity profile. Learn how non-traditional bonds such as high yield debt, preferred shares and floating rate products can be combined with traditional bonds. In addition, we’ll explore the mechanics behind fixed income ETFs, trends in the space and ways to use ETFs in order to execute on current fixed income trade ideas. Hear why fixed income ETFs will be one of the fastest growing segments in the ETF space going forward.
ETF Landscape: The Coming of Age
The market for ETFs has grown rapidly in the past two decades, tilting the balance of power in favor of investors. ETFs are now utilized by a growing number of fund managers for tactical asset allocation, completion strategies, and as a liquid cash substitute, their attractiveness underpinned by their relatively lower costs, speed of execution, and transparency. The market is now entering a new phase of growth as providers enter the space to enhance potential returns by offering actively managed ETFs, but may have higher tracking errors and debatable outperformance compared with the older passive ETF structures. 
In this session, Daniel will examine the growth of the market, the pros and cons of the newer ETF products, and the competitive dynamics of the ETF industry. Daniel will also share his latest industry leading ETF research and his model portfolios.
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