Using Registration Limits and Capacities

If you were to poll the entire Event Wizard® user base on why they originally decided to move to an online registration system, the overwhelming answer would probably be, automation. Freeing yourself of spreadsheets and the manual work that goes along with them is liberating to say the least. But is moving your registration form online all there is to it? It better not be! Take your automation one step further with features like capacities.

Capacities, or limits as some refer to them, allow you to enter a capacity for your registration form or to a certain question on your form. Managing capacities is simple and is done in two areas.

Let’s start with Registration Limit.

Registration Limits refers to the total number of registrations allowed on your form. For example, if you want to put a capacity of 100 on your form, then you would enter 100 in Registration Limit. To do so, head into the ‘Set a registration limit for your event’ section of your edit menu.


After you have entered your Registration Limit it is very important to then fill out your Closed Message.


This is the message that will take the place of your registration form when it reaches capacity. So, be as explicit as possible, maybe something like: Thank you for your interest in our 2012 Super Conference. Unfortunately the conference is sold out but we still have space available for the 2012 Super Duper Conference.

The other place you can use capacities is on a per question basis. Meaning a specific question can have a capacity or limit to the amount of times it may be chosen.

The form fields that can have limits include, radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown lists and fee items. How do these work? Let’s use a radio button question as an example. This particular question asks if you would like to join the winery tour and only 25 spots are available. So we want to make sure the question is no longer available when 25 people answer ‘Yes’. Make sure to fill out your sold message so registrants know when a choice is no longer available.


When the question has reached capacity the sold out message will appear and the question will no longer be available.


Limits are a powerful but often underused setting on registration forms. Use them for breakout sessions, tours, merchandise and classes. Event Wizard® has many automated features and capacities is just one of them.

Posted on May 3, 2012 by Mark Turner
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