Update to Twitter


We have updated our Twitter handle to @event_wizard and will no longer be tweeting under @DotComYourEvent. Why? Well to understand why we originally tweeted under our corporate name DotCom Your Event® you will need to know just a bit of history.

DotCom Your Event Inc.® has been on the forefront of online event registration software, onsite registration services, and secure eCommerce payment processing systems since January 2001. Since that time we have been building custom registration and payment systems for conferences, tradeshows etc.

Shortly after DotCom Your Event® came to be we saw a need for a web-based ‘do-it-yourself’ registration software, which resulted in the birth of Event Wizard®. Up until we released Event Wizard® 5 we were still building a lot of custom solutions for clients. However, since Event Wizard® 5 has become so popular due to it’s flexibility and well, just plain amazingness (word?) we have most of our customers using it instead. In fact it’s now used by many of the world’s top brands in Oil & Gas, Health, Finance, Academic and Sports.

So, to make a long story short, it just plain makes sense for us to tweet using @event_wizard. So come join us and keep up to date on all the tips, news and discussions!


Posted on March 6, 2012 by Mark Turner
Category : Announcements & Event Wizard®
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