The Importance of Closing Your Events

Your event is over! The attendees had a great time, you’ve paid the venue and staff and had your debrief, you’re done. Wait! Don’t forget to close your registration form.

Even though your event is over and the registration link has been removed from your website it is very important to close your event. The biggest reason is you never know who has bookmarked your registration link or where it may have been indexed on the web. One result for annual events could be someone mistaking the previous year’s registration when the next year’s opens up.

So, to close your registration form and avoid any mishaps, head to the My Events page and click the ‘Open’ status next to your event name.


Choose Close in the dropdown menu that appears and click GO.


Your event is now closed.

The last thing we suggest doing is to add a closed message to your form. This message will appear in place of the closed registration form. It’s a great way to post a thank-you for the great event, or post the link to register for your next event. To do this, click the edit icon under the Tools column on the My Events page to bring up the edit menu, (or ‘task list’).


Select the Form Fields & Site Layout subsection of your task list, then “Set your ‘Closed’ message”. On the page that opens up, you can use the HTML editor to set the content that will appear in place of your event when it is closed. Once you’re done, click Save and you’re all set.

If you have used the Event Wizard® Payment gateway to accept credit cards for your event,  you are now ready to reconcile your event.

See how the colours next to your event correspond to the event status.



Posted on March 12, 2013 by Mark Turner
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