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Allowing Registrants to Update their Record

Aug 21, 2012    By: Mark Turner

Giving your registrants the freedom to update their own registration, rather than going through an administrator, can save you a substantial amount of time and money.

In Event Wizard® you have two options for allowing registrants to update their own registration. The first is to update all fields except anything with a fee associated with it. The second is all fields including ones with fees associated with them.

Setting up the ability for registrants to update their own registration record can be done in a few easy steps. We recommend making this decision before you launch your registration form. This way you can better communicate the ability to update registrations with all registrants.

First, navigate to your Event Properties in your Event Tasklist.



Then select ‘Edit event date, event location, and basic properties’ then ‘advanced options’. Within this section you will see two checkboxes that have the following text:

  1. Allow registrants to update their information
  2. Allow registrants to remove/add/modify fee selections during the update process

If you would only like your registrants to be able to update non-fee item fields only, choose the first box only. If you would also like to allow the removal, addition or modification of any fee items associated with your form then also choose the second option. After making your choices click SAVE.


Once this step is complete you then need to provide your registrants with a link to their registration form so they can make any desired updates. To do this navigate to your Confirmation Email editor and on the right hand side click the System Merge Tag dropdown list (note: to read more on merge tags see this post):


When you choose this merge tag the following text will be added to your editor wherever you have placed your cursor ‘[##UPDATE_LINK_START##]YOUR UPDATE LINK TEXT HERE[##UPDATE_LINK_END##]’. This merge tag will automatically add the registrant’s personal update link to their confirmation email. Make sure you customize the text that appears in the middle so the recipient knows what to do, for example:

Confirmation Email - Event Wizard®

Once this step is complete you are all set. You can also add this to your Payment Confirmation email if you choose.

One of the main purposes behind Event Wizard® is to help you better automate your online registration process. Giving your registrant’s a personal update link will keep your inbox clear of request emails so you can continue planning your event.

If you need assistance with this or any other feature let us know.

Posted on August 21, 2012 by Mark Turner
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