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How to Use the File Uploader Field Type

May 24, 2013    By: Mark Turner

One of my favourite field types in Event Wizard®, the File Uploader, is probably the most overlooked. Not anymore! This field has so many uses that it’s time it got its own post.

The File Uploader field type does exactly what the name suggests; it allows your registrants to upload files.

This field can be used in a number of ways but the ones that are most useful to me are:

  • When using a registration form to have sponsors sign up and pay the sponsor fee you can also have them upload their logo.
  • When conducting a call for papers it’s a great way for the submitter to get their files to you.
  • When speakers are registering for your event they are able to upload their bios or photos.

So how does this field type work? First thing is to add it to your form like you would any other field.

The field will appear on the form just like any other. The difference here is the addition of the ‘Select Files’ button.

Once your registration form is live and registrants begin uploading files you will access those files through your reports. Head into your event’s reports and click on the Registrations report. You will see an icon next to each registrant’s toolset where the uploaded files are stored.




Click through this icon and you will see all of the files that particular registrant has uploaded. If the file is an image it will open in a pop-up window when clicked. You can then download the image to your local pc from here. If the file is a document type it will automatically download when the file type is clicked.

The file uploader will support these file formats .jpg; .jpeg; .bmp; .gif; .png; .pdf; .xls; .xlsx; .doc; .docx; .ppt; .pptx.

It’s important to note that any files uploaded will contribute to the file space allowance as displayed in the My Files section of your account.

Now that you see how useful this field type is I don’t blame you if you decide to add it to all of your registration forms moving forward.

If you have any questions about using this form field please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Introducing GSX presented by Event Wizard®

Nov 29, 2012    By: Mark Turner

We have been very proud to sponsor the Vancouver based Glotman Simpson Cycling Team & Club for the past two seasons. This week we have stepped up that sponsorship effort to become the partner sponsor for the new Glotman Simpson Cyclocross program, known as GSX | Event Wizard®.

This program will take flight in the summer/fall of 2013. As presenting sponsors we will assist GSX in creating an all-inclusive environment for seasoned cyclocross racers and beginners looking to get into the sport. This is a perfect fit for Event Wizard® and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

following is a copy of the announcement GSX sent out today:

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Renewing Our Support for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Jan 17, 2012    By: Mark Turner

In 2011 we got behind Glotman Simpson Cycling, an organization that strives to raise funds and awareness towards Pancreatic Cancer research.  They do this by riding their bikes, a lot.  In fact, at the end of last year there were 200 members in the Club and both a Men’s and Women’s race team.  So you can only imagine the kinds of distance they recorded, all the while spreading the word.

As the Club grew, so did the administrative effort in keeping everyone happy and organized.  Enter, Event Wizard®.  As a member of Glotman Simpson Cycling myself I recognized the need for a registration system and the organization of the database that comes with it.  So, I brought it to our team and with overwhelming support we decided to sponsor Glotman Simpson Cycling and all of their online registration needs.  This proved to be an invaluable component in the Club’s registration process for uses like membership registration, spin class registration, surveys, skills sessions and more.  Knowing these tasks were taken care of meant administrative time was opened up to focus on raising funds and awareness towards this very aggressive form of cancer.

In 2011 Glotman Simpson Cycling and it’s members raised a staggering $125,000 towards Pancreatic Cancer research!  While this figure is impressive, it’s only a start.  That’s why we decided to renew our support for the Club in 2012, so they can continue their quest to raise funds and awareness without the burden of organizing the Club’s registration and payment needs.

Learn more about Glotman Simpson Cycling and all the good they do for cycling and cancer awareness https://glotmansimpsoncycling.ca/.  You can even become a member and show your support for their cause.

Does your company support a similar cause?  Tell us about in the comments!


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