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New Customization Features in Event Wizard®

Feb 6, 2020    By: Mike Schumann

The theme builder in Event Wizard® has been a staple feature for nearly a decade now. It provides the ability to fully customize look and feel, and makes it easy to apply to multiple events. With that, we’ve added a couple new things to take your event customization even further:

Rounded Corners

You asked; we listened! While rounded corners have always been an option for the navigation links, there was never really a way to apply it to other elements. Now, after receiving requests from clients, we’ve expanded the rounded corner option to both the confirmation page headers and the form buttons.

Extra Padding

Not only have the form buttons received the rounded corner treatment, they have also been given the option of extra padding. Similar to the navigation links, you can now add some extra space around your button text to really dial in the shape and size of these form elements.

Section Labels

As a bonus, we’ve also added rounded corners to the section label field type. It works the same as in the theme builder: just check off the boxes for the corners you want rounded and save your field — easy!

File Uploader

To this point, the file uploader field type has always used the same blue button, regardless of what your theme colours are. Now, whatever colours and styles you have applied to your other form buttons will be applied to your file uploaders, (I mean, it just makes sense, right?)

NOTE: Existing themes will need to be re-saved in order to apply the new styles.

Hopefully you can utilize these new features in one or more of your events. That said, we are always looking to expand the functionality of Event Wizard®, so if you have any suggestions for features or improvements, we would love to hear from you. You never know, they just might end up in the next feature update!

Posted on February 6, 2020 by Mike Schumann
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Promotion Tools in Event Wizard®

Sep 16, 2010    By: Mark Turner

As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with the most comprehensive event registration software available, we are pleased to announce three new tools in Event Wizard® 5.0 to help you promote your events. These are:

  1. Register Button Factory
  2. Send to Twitter
  3. Share on Facebook

These new tools can be found in your events task list under a new section called Promote Your Event & Manage Your Attendees.


The ability to share to your social networks is quite common and so we won’t cover how to do that here.  Let’s cover the Register Button Factory – it has been created to give you a quick and easy way of creating custom ‘register now’ buttons for your events marketing materials.

Here’s how it works. First, click the Register Button Factory icon in your promote section. Follow steps 1 and 2 to design your button just the way you want it. As you are designing your button you will see your creation take shape on the right hand side.



After completing these steps you can then indicate where you want the button to take someone when it’s clicked. By default the button will direct to your events URL (www.event-wizard.com/events/_____/), but if you’d like you can also enter a custom URL destination. You can also create a button in any language you want and if you have created registration forms in alternate languages, you can create a button for each.

Once complete, click Get Button Code then copy and paste that code to any of the previously mentioned email campaigns, websites, etc.


It’s important to remember the Register Button Factory will not save your button creation, so make sure if you are leaving the page to save your code to notepad, WORD etc.

Posted on September 16, 2010 by Mark Turner
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