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How to Manage Event Languages

Apr 3, 2014    By: Mark Turner

One of the features that sets Event Wizard apart is the ability to create an event registration form in any language you want. Whether you want to offer your event registration in a single language or in multiple languages it can be done in Event Wizard.

What is a single language registration form?

A registration form offered in a single language is an event registration form that is operating in one language only. That single language will feed into one set of reports.

A form with multiple languages is an event registration form that is operating in more than one language. Even though the form can be viewed in different languages, all information that is submitted on that form is still being saved in one set of reports.


After going through your initial event set-up you will land on the Task List. To get to your manage languages screen click the Build/Design Your Form & Website box, then select Event Properties and Choose your event languages.




You will notice that there are only eight languages to choose from on this step.

  • English
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

These eight are the most popular languages used in Event Wizard so we have done automatic translations to the system messages, merge tags and errors. So, even though you do not see all 6000 plus spoken languages in the world you are able to create a form in any of them (more on that later).

For this example we will use English and French.

Once you have finished up the rest of the Create Event steps you will land on your Event Task List. We now have an event that is offering registration in English and French, but before we make it live we need to edit our fields


To create your own system language you will select the ‘Add a Language’ text in your Manage Languages screen.


Once in the Create a New Language screen, simply fill out all of the currency and translation information and click SAVE at the bottom of the page. Your system language will now be saved and available for you to select.


For our example we have selected English and French as our languages. Event Wizard will automatically translate system messages and errors into both languages, depending on the language of the registration form someone is on.

If you want to edit the standard system messages for one of the eight pre-loaded languages you can do so by copying the language then making the edits. To do this, click the ‘copy’ icon next to the language you would like to copy and edit.


Once you have done this, a new copy of the language will appear with (copy) after it. You can now edit that language’s system message.


It’s important to note, if you have copied a system language so that you can edit it, make sure to uncheck the system language you selected during initial event set-up and check off the copied version. If you do not do this you will still see the pre-loaded system messages on your form.


By default, the tasks within your registration forms task list (edit menu) will be in English. If you do not select English when creating your form then your tasks will be in the language you selected.

If you have multiple languages on your form it is highly recommended you complete all task in one language before editing the other language(s). This saves you from having to make updates in more than one place each time something is changed or updated.

Let’s say we have built our form in its entirety in English. We now want to edit the French version. There are two ways to switch the task list so that you are editing French in this case. The first is to flip the entire task list to French.


When you do this, every task within the Task List will now edit the French version of our form.

The second way to edit the French version is to flip each individual task to the French side.


The second method is typically used when the form is already built and you need to make an update to a single page or question on your registration form.


Registering your attendees with multiple languages is not that different than registering your attendees on a single language registration form. When you have multiple languages enabled on your form Event Wizard will display a language dropdown in the lower left corner of the screen.


Your registrants can toggle between languages and register on the language they prefer.

When you toggle between the different languages you will notice the URL in our browser address bar changes just slightly.  The different URL’s that appear are another way for your registrant’s to get to the registration form in the language of their choice.


It does not matter what language your registrant’s complete their registration in; the information still goes into a single reports database for that particular event just as you are used to.

Where you will see a slight difference is in your at-a-glance report. Each of your questions will display in English in your reports and the responses will show totals as normal, but the responses will show in the language they were selected in.

Creating your forms in the languages represented by your attendees will have an immediately positive response in your registration numbers. If you need assistance creating a multi-language registration form let us know.

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How to Add Your Online Payment Gateway

Mar 11, 2014    By: Mark Turner

When processing credit cards through your Event Wizard registration form there are two ways in which you can collect the funds. The first is to use the Event Wizard® (DCYE) payment gateway and the second is to add your payment gateway. This post will explain how to add your payment gateway so you can process and receive your registration fees directly. We currently provide full integrations for nine online payment gateway partners.

To add your payment gateway login to your Event Wizard® account and click My Gateways.


Once you have entered the My Gateways screen click the dropdown list titled ‘Add a New Gateway’ and select the payment gateway provider you would like to connect to your account. Each of the partners we work with require slightly different information in order to connect your Event Wizard® account. The information specific to your gateway provider will appear when you select that provider.

Next, a series of form fields will appear. When filling these out be as complete as possible to avoid any testing errors.


Once your account information is entered in click Save.


Now that the payment gateway information is added to your account you need to test it and ensure the connection is working right between Event Wizard® and your provider.

To test your gateway you can either use an existing registration form or create a new test form. In this case we will use a test form.

Create a new form as normal but select the blank template that only has First Name, Last Name, Email and Confirm Email (this isn’t required but it makes testing quicker). Once the initial form creation steps are complete add a $1.00 fee to your form. Next, head into the Payment Process section of your edit menu (task list)


and select your payment gateway from the Online Payment Options dropdown list.


Save that page and make your form live so the credit cards can be processed in a real world test.

Your form should look similar to this:

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 12.37.58 PM

Process your live testing form making sure to use a real credit card number to process your $1.00 test fee.

If your first test is successful, login to your payment gateway portal and ensure the fee processed and deposited correctly. If it shows up in your payment gateway account then you’re all set.

After testing your form you will be able to void the test fee from your payment gateway portal so your card isn’t charged.

The last step is to select your payment gateway in the Payment Process section of the registration form you will be making live.

If your test is not successful, check the following and try again:

  • Did you enter the credit card number correctly?
  • Is the card type used (Visa, AMEX or Mastercard) allowed through the account you have set-up with your payment gateway provider?
  • Double check that you have entered your account information correctly in the My Gateways section of your Event Wizard® account.

If you have eliminated the above possibilities and the test transaction is still failing please submit a support ticket through your Event Wizard® account. When submitting the ticket be sure to note any error codes or messages that appear when the transaction fails.

If you need any assistance when adding your payment gateway please let us know.

Posted on March 11, 2014 by Mark Turner
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Using the DCYE payment gateway

Mar 14, 2012    By: Mark Turner

So you have an event and you want to charge a fee to attend your event, but you don’t have a payment gateway. You’re in luck! We do, and you can use it whenever you like with very little effort on your part.

Before I explain how to set-up the DotCom Your Event® (DCYE) payment gateway, there’s a few things to know:

  • We offer our payment gateway in either US$ or CAN$
  • The payment gateway accepts Visa, AMEX and MasterCard
  • The fee to use our DCYE payment gateway is 5% per transaction. So, if you charge a $100.00 fee on your registration form, we retain $5.00. Why do we charge 5%?
    • to cover the merchant fees associated with Visa, AMEX and MasterCard
    • to cover gateway administration costs and banking fees
    • to cover the administration of the payments, chargebacks and refunds on your behalf
  • Any Event Wizard® user can use the DCYE payment gateway
  • How do you receive your money?
    • At the end of your event click the ‘reconcile’ button in your account. We will contact you after that to begin the payout process so you can get your money
    • Need to pay for venues, catering, go-go dancers (we don’t judge)? During a live event you can invoice us for up to 80% of the funds received to date. To do this send us a support ticket and we’ll contact you to begin the process.

Now that you know all the details, let’s go over how to add the payment gateway to your event.

First, login into your account and navigate the Edit your payment options and details section of your edit menu.


Once you are in this section you will see a dropdown box on the right side under Online Payment Options. Click that dropdown and choose the correct currency:


Once you’ve chosen your currency, you will then want to fill out all of the Invoicer Information so registrants know you are billing them under the DCYE payment gateway.

The last thing you’ll need to decide is what happens after a registrant clicks Submit on your form. You can set-up Force Payment or Direct Payment so your form behaves differently based on your requirements.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred settings click Save and you’ll now be set up to take registration fees.

If you have any questions, post to the comments or send us a support ticket.

Posted on March 14, 2012 by Mark Turner
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