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New Partner: Velofix

Feb 27, 2013    By: Mark Turner

It’s no mystery that we are big supporters of cycling. We have been a supplier sponsor of Glotman Simpson Cycling for three years and just recently signed on to become their cyclocross title sponsor.

So it’s no surprise we’ve just partnered with another great cycling company, Velofix. Velofix is a Mobile Bike Pro Shop. Their fully equipped Mercedes Sprinter Van comes to you and fixes your bike.

While you might think Velofix is a rolling bike shop and that’s it, you’re wrong. Can you call up a bike shop to come to your home or office to fix your bike? No. Can the bike shop show up at any event or training ride with little notice and get you back racing or training in a snap? No. Can you book Velofix for your office to service all your employees bikes? You get the idea…

We’ve partnered with Velofix because we think their concept is a smart one – save time, ride more. We also love the fact one vehicle is driving around fixing bikes, rather than have those same people drive to the bike shop. Plus, if you want to hang out you get an espresso and can learn about bike maintenance.

As a Velofix partner we will supply Event Wizard® to assist with corporate event bookings and more. Check them out so you can spend less time fixing your bike and more time riding it!

Posted on February 27, 2013 by Mark Turner
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