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Mobile Dos and Don’ts

Mar 18, 2015    By: Mark Turner

Having a mobile-friendly event registration form is a must in today’s smartphone heavy world and ensuring your registration form is compatible shouldn’t be a headache. In our latest update we’ve made sure all registration forms created in Event Wizard® are mobile friendly regardless of device.


Screen-Shot-2015-03-17-at-3.43.17-PM     Screen-Shot-2015-03-17-at-3.43.31-PM     Screen-Shot-2015-03-17-at-3.44.17-PM


Many aspects of building your form do not require any updates/changes from you during the build process. However,  there are some recommended dos and don’ts when building your form that will help make certain your form looks great on small mobile screens.

  • Use percentage widths and heights wherever possible: percentages allow for easy scalability, whereas static pixel dimensions will not scale in the same way. Header/Footer graphics do not apply to this recommendation. These images will be scaled down to 100% page width on the mobile device.
  • Try to avoid tables in your page contents: because of the way tables are laid out, (ie: rows and columns) they aren’t meant to scale down to smaller screens, especially if the table has a static (ie: non-percentage) width.
  • Avoid using a lot of text in your Submit button(s): the more text in the button(s), the wider they will need to be in order to accommodate it, which can cause it to stretch past the bounds of a small/mobile screen.
  • Ultimately, simple is best: try to avoid really complex layouts and absolute/fixed positioning of elements – the simpler it is, the more likely it will translate well to mobile.

Follow these tips and you’ll always present the best possible product to your registrants on whatever device they are using.

If you have any questions about our mobile formatting contact us today.

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Mark Turner
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Onsite Attendee Check-in, Event Tickets and Barcodes

Jun 16, 2014    By: Mark Turner


UPDATE: be sure check out our post on fee-based tickets.

When you create a new event in your account a ticket for that event is created in the background. So, each time someone completes a registration on your registration form a personal ticket is created for them.

Here’s how it appears:

After completing a registration your registrant will land on the confirmation page where they may click the View and Print Your Ticket button. You can customize the information that appears above this button to suit your needs.


Upon doing so they will be presented with their ticket for printing.


If you do not want a ticket created for your attendees you can turn this feature off. To do this, head into your event’s edit menu and select Build/Design Your Form & Website > Event properties > Select the last item in the list ‘Enable/Disable Event Tickets’.


From here you will uncheck the ‘Enable/disable event tickets’ checkbox.


You can check/uncheck this selection at anytime whether your event is in test mode or live.


In addition to the barcode that is created on the registrant’s ticket, you can also create one for the confirmation email. To see how this is done read How to Set-up Barcodes.


Now that your attendees have barcoded tickets you can use the Event Wizard® Attendee Scanner App to scan the barcodes when your attendees arrive at your event.

The attendee scanner app will scan the barcode on a screen (phone, tablet etc.) or paper print out then automatically update your attendance report in your event. This app can be used for multiple events in your account, and multiple devices can be scanning at the same time without data conflict.


The Event Wizard® Attendee Scanner App is available for all Apple iOS devices and Android and is free of charge. Download the Event Wizard® Attendee Scanner App now.


To access your attendance report to see who has attended your event (been scanned in) or not attended (not scanned) click the reports icon in your account.


Then select Attendance Report in the Reports & Tools dropdown list.


Your list of registrants will appear in this report.


Use the Show: dropdown list to show only those that attended your event or did not attend your event.

  • Use the two lists to segment your registrants and send targeted emails based on whether they attended or did not attend.
  • Running webinars, seminars or classes that go towards CE credits? The Attendance Report is the perfect way to track credits based on attendance.

If you have any questions about using our onsite attendee and scanning tools, contact us today.

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Event Wizard® Mobile is Here!

Jul 25, 2012    By: Mark Turner

Last Thursday Event Wizard® Mobile was released for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices, making it a snap to manage your events onsite and on-the-go. Event Wizard® Mobile is free to use but you must have an Event Wizard® account to use it.

We had been thinking of a mobile app for quite sometime but knew it needed to be done right. The big question through the entire process was, what did the on-the-go Event Wizard® user need? Keeping this in mind ensured we built only the core functions that a user onsite and on-the-go needed and left out bloated features and functions that wouldn’t be used. As a result we made sure functions like checking in attendees and checking your registration counts were included. You can even submit a support ticket if you need assistance with your account when you’re not near a computer.

Head over here to get Event Wizard® Mobile on your smartphone or tablet.

Once installed open it up and enter your Event Wizard® login information. The next page is your home screen. From here click Manage Events to access your events.


At this point it will all be very familiar. Click on any of your events and off you go.

If you require any support assistance use the app’s interface to submit a ticket just like your regular account.


With Event Wizard® Mobile you can:

  • View, open and close your events
  • Search & view registrant details
  • Check-in your attendees
  • Resend registrant confirmation emails
  • Record registrant payments
  • View past invoices
  • Submit & manage support tickets
  • and more!

We hope you like the app and would love the hear any feedback you may have. In the meantime go take your event on the road, it can do that now!

Posted on July 25, 2012 by Mark Turner
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MPI European Meetings & Events Conference

Jan 31, 2012    By: Mark Turner

As you know, we’re now partnered with QuickMobile, developers of custom, branded mobile event applications. QuickMobile has created some of the industries most sought after event applications for a variety of mobile platforms, including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. In an effort to better showcase their great work and what the possibilities are for you as an Event Wizard® user, we will now be bringing you the QuickMobile Featured App post, straight from the QuickMobile showcase.

Featured App:
European Meetings & Events Conference App 2012


QuickMobile developed the mobile event app for the MPI European Meetings & Events Conference, January 29-31 in Budapest, Hungary. Developed for iPhone and Blackberry platforms, the mobile event application delivered a comprehensive range of features, including a searchable schedule of conference events, detailed attendee, speaker, exhibitor and sponsor profiles, participant to participant messaging, access to the MPI Twitter feed, Facebook page and Engage blog, venue information and mapping, information booth, photo galleries and surveys.

Learn more about how a mobile event app from Quickmobile can benefit your event, just like it did at the MPI European Meetings & Events Conference https://event-wizard.com/features/mobile-event-apps/.

Posted on January 31, 2012 by Mark Turner
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