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New Merge Tag: ‘Ticket Link’

Apr 8, 2016    By: Mike Schumann

Merge tags are a vital tool when composing your confirmation emails, since they allow you to personalize each registrant’s emails by automatically inserting things like their name and registration info. Our latest system merge tag generates a personalized link to each registrants’ ticket, for when it comes time to check them in at your event using our free mobile Attendee Scanner app.

Adding a Ticket Link to your confirmation email is easy. Start by going to your event task list and clicking the Edit Payment Confirmation email link.


Next, click the Insert System Merge Tag dropdown in the editor’s toolbar and scroll down – you’ll notice an option to insert the Ticket Link. Once selected, the Ticket Link merge tag will be inserted next to your cursor in the editor.

NOTE: It’s important to keep in mind that the ticket will only successfully scan once the registrant has paid for their registration, so it makes the most sense to place this tag in the Payment Confirmation Email, rather than the Registration Confirmation Email.


Much like an <a> tag in HTML, the Ticket Link merge tag consists of an opening tag, link text/contents, and a closing tag. Please ensure the opening and closing tags aren’t altered, since they tell the system where to insert the custom link when the email is eventually sent out. The only part we need to be concerned with is the link text between the two tags – change it to something more relevant, similar to the screenshot above, then click Save.


It’s important to test your confirmation email to ensure the link is appearing and functioning properly. Once you receive your test email, assuming everything went as planned, you’ll notice that the Ticket Link merge tag has been transformed into a proper link, which gives access to a personalized ticket for the registrant to whom it was sent.

That’s it! Nice and easy. If you have any questions about the new Ticket Link merge tag or any other merge tags, give us a shout. Also, be sure to download our mobile Attendee Scanner app so you’re prepared for when it comes time to check in attendees at your event – it’s free!

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How to Test Your Registration Form

Jun 12, 2014    By: Mark Turner

We cannot stress the importance of testing your event registration form enough. This is your chance to see if something is out of place, doesn’t flow right or if you have just plain forgot something.

To test your form, click the ‘View Icon’ icon from any page.


This will open your form in a new browser window.

While in test mode you may process as many test registration as you would like. The url of the form and the way it behaves will be the same when you make it live. You will notice that your form will also display a TEST MODE note in the social media bar located at the bottom of your webpage.


You may enter a maximum of 15 test registrations into a test form. If you reach the maximum you can delete some and keep testing.

Receiving Confirmation Emails

To get a truly real-world experience when testing your form, make sure you have your desired confirmation emails enabled. The testing email address will receive the emails as a normal registrant would when you make your form live.

If you have added any merge tags to your email these will populate as normal with the relevant information from the test registration.

Are you not receiving your test confirmation emails? This could be why.

Testing Forms with Payment Processing

If you have an ecommerce gateway linked to your event so you can process credit cards, you will need to obtain the test credit card number.

  1. If you are using the Event Wizard Payment Gateway (DotCom Your Event Inc.) the following information can be used for testing.
    Card Number – 4111 1111 1111 1111
    Expiration Date – Use the default month and year that are on the credit card form
    Security Code – 111
  2. If you are using another payment gateway you must contact your provider to obtain the testing card number for their payment gateway. View our list of payment processing partners.

Viewing Test Reports

Your reports will populate as normal when you are in test mode. To view your reports click the Reports icon from anywhere within your event’s edit menu.


Please note: Event Wizard does not back-up any test data. When you want to make your form live you will require a positive registration balance in your account.

Once you have completed your form testing it’s time to make your event registration form live!

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How to Set-up Barcodes

Apr 8, 2014    By: Mark Turner

Setting up barcodes in your event is the same as setting up any other merge tag within your Event Wizard® edit menu (task list).

Use the Event Wizard® Attendee Scanner App with your attendee barcodes onsite at your event. When barcodes are scanned for each attendee your attendance report will update real-time in your reports.


There are two areas we recommend adding barcodes; the confirmation email and the confirmation page (thank-you page). In either instance, adding the barcode merge tag is the same. Let’s use the confirmation email in this example.

The first thing to do is head into the confirmation email edit screen in your task list. Once here, click your mouse inside the editor screen so the cursor is flashing. Then select the merge tag dropdown list labelled Insert System Merge Tag. 


Then select 1D barcode and the barcode merge tag will be added to the email body.


Click save and you’re done! Now, each time a registrant completes their registration and receives their confirmation email a unique barcode will be in their email.


Instruct your registrants to bring the email with them on their mobile phone or in a print out to be scanned at the door using the Event Wizard® Attendee Scanner App. Each time a barcode is scanned your attendance report will update that person in your reports as attended.

If you need assistance setting up barcodes feel free to contact us today.

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Setting up your Event Properties

Sep 27, 2013    By: Mark Turner

After setting up your event it is good practice to immediately set-up your event properties. These settings and options for your event are located under the Build/Design Your Form & Website section of your event’s edit menu.


These settings have a large impact on the way your registration form will behave so it’s important to understand what each one does.

If you click through the first task called Edit event date, event location, and basic properties you will be presented with the following options.


This is the same event information screen you set-up when you began building your event. If you would like to edit any of this info you can do so and save it here.


Registration Limit

Set the global registration limit that your form will allow. This can be changed at anytime during a test or live event.

Allow Duplicate Registrations

This setting, when checked off, will allow registrant’s with the same First Name, Last Name and Email Address to register more than once. Otherwise, if left unchecked it will not allow a duplicate registration with those same three fields matching. Read more about duplicate registration settings.

Allow Registrants to Update their Information

When this setting is checked off it will allow your registrants to update their own information without having to go through the event administrator. This setting should be used in conjunction with the update link merge tag so that registrants are able to access their registration information. This setting does not apply to fee items.

Allow Registrants to Remove/Add/Modify Fee Selections While Updating

When you have the previous setting checked off, this one allows users to also remove/add/modify any fee items on the registration form. You might use this setting if you opened up activities to your registrant’s and asked that they come back and make a selection.

Allow Substitutions

This setting will provide the ability to substitute one registration for another until a specified date. 

Create an Outlook Calendar Appointment for my Registrants

When selected this setting will display a calendar icon on the registrants confirmation page. When clicked, the icon will download an .ics file to add to your calendar. 

Enable/disable event tickets

When you first set-up your event tickets were made in the background. These tickets can be used in conjunction with our Event Wizard® Attendee Scanner App to check attendees in at your event. This property will turn these tickets on or off.

Registrants Must Choose at Least One Fee

This setting forces the registrant to select at least one fee item on the registration form before submitting their form.

The last setting that is displayed during initial event creation only is Create a service fee for my event and pass on the registration cost to my registrants. This setting is only available during set-up as it controls how the per registration fee is charged. Once this setting is selected it cannot be turned off so decide wisely if you would like to use it. Read more on setting up your service fee here.

Use these settings to further automate your registration form for you and help streamline the process for your registrants.

If you would like to learn more about setting up your Event Properties let us know.

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Update to Merge Tags

Mar 21, 2012    By: Mark Turner

We’ve made an update to the merge tags, how to add them and what information you can now add.

Read the updated Merge Tags and How to Use Them post to learn all about the endless ways you can merge your registration form data.

If you’ve used the merge tags feature in creative ways we’d love to know about it in the comments below.

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Merge Tags and How to Use Them

Nov 8, 2010    By: Mark Turner

Before we dive into this post let me explain what merge tags are.

Merge tags allow you to customize your Registration Confirmation Email, Payment Confirmation Email, Registrant Update Email and Thank You Page by allowing you to add tags that automatically pull in information from your registration form.

The most common use of merge tags is to automatically address something with a person’s name, like an email.  For example, if you set up your email to read, Dear [##FIRST_NAME##], then each recipient will have their first name in place of the tag.  Pretty neat, right!

Now that you know what they are, let’s explain how to use them.  As mentioned you have the ability to set up merge tags in the following places in Event Wizard®:

  • Registration Confirmation Email
  • Payment Confirmation Email
  • Registrant Update Email
  • Thank You Page

We’ll use the Thank You Page for this example.  When you are in the Thank You Page editor look out for the two dropdown lists on the lower row:


The list on the left will add ‘Form Merge Tags’, which are merge tags based on the fields you have created for your form. This excludes the following fields: Labels, Horizontal Lines, Page Breaks and Section Labels.


The list on the right will add ‘System Merge Tags’, which are tags automatically generated for every registration form created, such as Registration Date, Event Title etc.


To add any tag, just simply click on the name in the dropdown list and it will embed itself within the editor.

By default we have added the typical merge tags to all of the registration confirmation emails that go out.  However, if you do not want these tags or want to change them up in any way, feel free to go into the above mentioned pages and do so.

Let us know if you need any help!

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