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How to Link Attachments in Emails

Sep 28, 2017    By: Mike Schumann

Emails can be found all over Event Wizard®, like the ones that are sent automatically when someone registers/pays for one of your events, or sent manually using the Mass Email tool in your event’s reports section. While you can’t directly attach files to these emails, you can easily create a link to the file using your online file hosting space, which is included with every Event Wizard® account.

1. Upload Your File

The first step is to navigate to My Files in Event Wizard®, which can be found in the main menu at the top of every page.

From here, you can either click the Upload button and choose a file local to your computer, or simply drag-and-drop it into the browser window. You will likely notice a progress bar at the bottom of the screen as your file is uploaded; the speed of which will depend on the file size and the speed of your internet connection. Once the uploader has finished doing its thing, you will see your new file in the list.

2. Create Your Link

For this example, we are going to use the Registration Confirmation Email.

Now that you have uploaded your file, head over to your event’s task list, open up your Edit registration confirmation email page and scroll down to the editor. Highlight the text into which you’d like to insert your link and click the Link button in the editor’s toolbar.

In the popup that appears, click the Browse Server button, which will open up your list of files in a new window. Locate your newly-uploaded file in the list, (likely near the top) and click the file name to close the window and insert the link into the URL box.

NOTE: Some older email clients require that you set the Target of your link to open in a new window. To do this, click the Target tab at the top of the popup and select New Window (_blank) from the list of options.

Click OK to confirm, then click Save to lock in the changes to your email contents.

That’s it! Now, when someone receives this email, the embedded link will allow them to download the linked file from your Event Wizard® storage. You can also use this method when linking to files elsewhere in your event; to an agenda PDF on your Welcome page, for example.

As always, if you have any questions about this or anything else in Event Wizard®, please check out our Help Centre or drop us a line.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Event Wizard®

May 21, 2015    By: Mike Schumann

Recently we were contacted by a company that expressed interest in using Event Wizard® to manage their online event registration. As part of their inquiry, we were asked to answer a number of questions regarding our software features, pricing, and our company policies & procedures. The thing is, we have been asked many of these types of questions by many potential clients. So, we decided it would be a good idea to use this questionnaire as sort of a “frequently asked questions” post that we, (and our potential clients) can use as a reference for future inquiries:

What is our cost based on 900 people over two annual conferences (Fall and Spring)? If we have more than 900, how would the cost be calculated? What does the cost cover? *

Our cost per registration is $3.45 therefore 900 registrations would cost $3,105.00.
Each registration thereafter would cost $3.45 each.

The cost is charge each time a registration form is filled out and the Submit button is then pressed. After that all record management (updates, Cancellation, Substitutions) and reports are included.

All of our pricing can be found at https://event-wizard.com/pricing/

Can collected funds be deposited directly into our bank account? Is there a fee for this service? If so, what is the fee? *

Yes if you have your own internet merchant id and credit card gateway processor. We have a number of gateways integrated into our system. You can find a list of them at https://event-wizard.com/about-us/partners/. The cost is 1% of the transaction amount.

Here is a Help topic on How to Add Your Payment Gateway: https://event-wizard.com/blog/how-to-add-your-online-payment-gateway/

If you don’t have gateway and want to use ours, the cost is 5% but this includes all credit card charges, bank fees, and gateway administration and transaction fees. We can arrange transfers of funds to your bank account on a regular basis up to 80% of the money taken in at any time. Full financial reporting is included with your event.

When a purchase order is used for registration, who is responsible for invoicing and the follow-up necessary to receive payments? *

Event Wizard Payment Processing module allows for a variety of payment methods; online credit card, PayPal, and offline methods like check, invoice , cash, purchase order, etc. When a registrant chooses an offline payment method, an invoice is produced onscreen, which can be printed. It will have the payment instructions on it such who to make the payment to and where to mail it.

Offline payments are recorded as Payment Pending in the Event Wizard reports. When an offline payment is received, it can be recorded through the Record Payment tool in the reports for that registrant. Once the balance outstanding is fully paid, then the payment is considered complete and is no longer in Payment Pending.

You are responsible for the collection of all outstanding payments but it is easy to manage. You can easily set up an email to just those people in Payment Pending to remind them of their outstanding balance.

Here is a link to our YouTube video on How to Manage Payments: https://youtube.com/watch?v=5MMGNRt7k5E&hd=1

Is there a fee when credit cards are used for registration? If so, what is it? *

1% of the transaction amount if you use your own gateway (does not includes any credit card charges, bank fees, and gateway administration and transaction fees)

5% of the transaction amount if you use our gateway (includes all credit card charges, bank fees, and gateway administration and transaction fees)

Would you develop our event page or would we? How much lead time is required? *

Event Wizard is what is called “Software as a Service” software. This means that all of the tools and functions necessary to build and manage your own online registration form and site are in your free account. So, yes, you can build it yourself.

However, we do offer a service ($160/hour) where we build it for you. We use the same tools and functions which you will find in your account. We build your site in your account so you can monitor and comment on our progress at any time.

Testing is also free and we encourage it.

If we start out with just a registration module, would it include common reports, the ability to print name badges and email certificates to our attendees? *

With each event that you create in your Event Wizard account, you get a comprehensive suite of Attendance reports, Financial Reports and Management Tools. To view a summary of the Event Wizard reports, you can watch this short YouTube video: https://youtube.com/watch?v=BucM96SwuoI&hd=1

With regards to name badges, we have found that there are too many variables involved to make automatic name badges a reality. Name badges come in all different sizes, layouts with different paper and printers. To make name badges, you simply download your registration data and do a mail merge into your name badge format and then print them locally.

We offer a service of creating and printing name badges for you. Information and pricing can be found at https://event-wizard.com/services/event-attendee-name-badges/

Tell me about your customer support policy. *

Customer support is our most important attribute. Many of customers and especially new customers coming from competitors are amazed and pleased at our level of support.

We publish a Technical Support Commitment which you can access at: https://event-wizard.com/features/support/our-commitment/

In addition there is lots of support and help within the software itself. This article talks about where you can find that in the software: https://event-wizard.com/features/support/

Lastly we have a comprehensive Help Center with all sorts of Help Articles and Videos which can be found at: https://event-wizard.com/support/help-centre/

How is check-in handled with pre-registration and on-site registration? Does your basic package include an app? *

We have two free mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

The first mobile app is specifically for checking attendees in at your event based on a barcode that can easy be generated and placed on the confirmation page, the registration confirmation email, and/or on a system generated event ticket. More information on this mobile app can be found at: https://event-wizard.com/features/attendee-scanner-app/

The second mobile app is for the event organizer while onsite at the event. This app provides a multitude of functions which helps the event organizer keep on top of the registration details even when they are away from the registration area. More information about this app can be found at: https://event-wizard.com/features/mobile/

Within the Event Wizard reports, there is an attendance report function that can be used in conjunction and simultaneously with the mobile apps. So if an attendee shows up without a barcode, the registration person can quickly look up the attendee’s registration and mark them off as attending. More information about attendee reports can be found at: https://event-wizard.com/features/event-registration-reports/

After your event is over, it is easy to see who attended and who didn’t and do subsequent follow up on that basis.

In the future, we may desire a module for membership, an app for conference program viewing, conference site navigation, etc. Is that something you do? *

We are just in the very early stages of creating a membership function in Event Wizard. The general concept is that you will be able to upload your membership list and then create series of forms to support it. But it is quite involved with many functional areas so we don’t have a timeframe for the delivery of the complete system.

With regards conference program viewing and conference site navigation, your Event Wizard site that you built for online registration will continue to be available during and after your conference is over. If built properly, your site is automatically mobile friendly. You can read more about this feature at: https://event-wizard.com/blog/mobile-friendly-registration-forms/

Do you have a survey tool included in the basic package? *

Event Wizard can be used for surveys in two ways. First, since you can create any type of form with any type of question in Event Wizard, you can use Event Wizard for surveys. You simply hide the First name, Last Name and Email Address on the form to make the survey anonymous. The cost is the same as a registration fro each response. You can read more about surveys at: https://event-wizard.com/blog/creating-a-post-event-survey/

You can also create your survey in Survey Monkey and then email the survey link to all of the attendees that attended the event. Event Wizard has powerful email capabilities which make this task very easy to accomplish.

Why should we select your company for our conference registration? What makes your company successful? *

Support and Service.

We are passionate and dedicated to making our customers successful with our software. We understand that online registration is a mission-critical application. We realize that organizations that are new to online registration require a lot of help in the early going. We provide free training and support before, during and after your event registration is live. We want you to be successful.

We have been in the online registration business since January 2001. We earn a lot of our new business through referrals and we tend to keep our existing customers happy with constant updates and improvements to our software which can be found at: https://event-wizard.com/support/registration-software-updates/

Hopefully you were able to find the answers you were looking for. If not, keep in mind that we have a very comprehensive Help Centre and information-rich blog. For everything else, feel free to contact us directly.

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New Enhancements for the File Uploader Field

May 14, 2015    By: Mike Schumann

A while back, we introduced a field type in Event Wizard® that allowed your registrants to upload files/photos as a part of their registration. Although it has proven to be a very useful tool for many of our users, it still felt like it was missing a few things, especially when it came to reporting. So, we decided it was time to do something about it:

1. Highlighted/Disabled Files Icon

Looking under the Tools column on the report pages, you’ll notice a little pink “Files” icon. When clicked, this brings you to a page where you can view all the uploaded files from a specific registrant. The problem was that until now, it appeared active for all registrants, regardless of whether or not they had uploaded any files. Now, we’ve remedied this by only enabling for registrants who have uploaded a file, (otherwise it is greyed out).


This way you can quickly scan through to see who has uploaded something and who hasn’t, without the need to drill down on each registration. That said, if you want to view a registrant’s upload(s), you can still click the icon and drill down to the details. Cool!

2. Search/Filter Functionality

Much like the new search function included in our latest additions to the My Files page, the View Uploads report got the same treatment. This new search function allows you to filter through your registrant uploads and only display the files/registrants that contain a specified criteria. Simply enter your search terms in the box and watch as your list transforms to only display files/registrants that match your terms.


3. Selective/Bulk Download and Delete Tools

Before now, it was a bit of a chore to download or delete registrant-uploaded files, since you could only do so one-by-one. The new selective download and delete tools make this task much simpler. Notice the new checkboxes to the far left of each record – as soon as one or more is selected, you will see the Download Files and Delete Files buttons show up beside the Search box.


Click the Download Files button and you’ll receive a .zip file containing all of the files that you have checked. Click the Delete Files button and, after a confirmation, you’ll remove all the files you have checked. Keep in mind that the delete action is permanent, so be careful!


It’s worth noting that this section also benefits from our latest storage increase, since the space used by your registrant uploads is shared by the files you have uploaded through the My Files page.

We hope you find these new enhancements as useful as we do. For more information on how to use the File Uploader field, check out our dedicated blog post on this. As always, if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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Event Wizard® 6 – New Features & Updates

Sep 26, 2014    By: Mark Turner

Event Wizard® 6 introduces many new features to your Event Wizard® account and loads of updates to features and tools you already use. In addition to the main features and updates listed here we have made many small improvements throughout the software to help speed up and create a more efficient and user friendly environment for you.


There is a new task list menu in Event Wizard®, but as a current user you will not see it right away. We have left the current user default to the old version of the task list and will let you decide if you would like to change to the new one (we think you should!). To preview the new task list simply click the Check out our New Task List button on your current task list.


Once you have previewed the new task list for a moment you will be asked if you prefer it as your default via a pop-up window at the bottom of your screen.


At this point you can set the new task list as your default or remain using the classic version. If at anytime you change your mind you can go into your account preferences and change your default. Once you are in the task list you will notice everything is laid out a bit different than you are used to but in very logical easy to understand categories. If you want to toggle back to the old task list click the Go to Classic View button.



We now have a one page create event screen that allows you to create and launch a simple event from one page. This page is essentially a stripped down version of the multi-step process you are used to when creating an event. Just like the task list though we have a new Create Event screen that can be accessed by clicking the link in the upper right of the current Create Event screen.


Select that link and set the preference for the new screen and you’ll be looking to the future from here out. View our how to get started guide to see how the new Create Event screen works.


You may have noticed we quietly launched our Event Wizard Attendee Scanner App a few months ago. There was a reason for that and it had a lot to do with our new barcoded tickets in Event Wizard® 6. Read more about onsite attendee check-in, barcodes and event tickets.



Copying an event already saves you a ton of time, we just went ahead and made that even quicker. We now have a one-click copy event function that is so easy you may just copy events for the fun of it. Read more about copying your events.


We have updated all current accounts from 100MB of file storage to 200MB of file storage. In addition you can now create folders to better organize each event’s files and drag and drop those files into the folders you create.



We have updated the form error checking tool to now highlight the required fields that your registrants miss. This eliminates the pesky pop-up boxes that weren’t too popular and takes the guesswork out of which fields need to be filled out to continue on the form.



We have revamped the way the Service Fee Field behaves in Event Wizard®. You are now able to use your own payment gateway and make the fee any amount you would like.

Recovering your per registration cost just got much easier! Read more on the Service Fee update.


Our long standing customers have been waiting for this and we’re pleased to finally make it available. You can now show only the events you want in My Events based on the events status. You can even archive old events! Check out all the new My Events organization.


Our Help Centre has also been updated and will continue to be a great source of help and support as your use your Event Wizard account and it’s new features. Be sure to bookmark it to get the most out of your account.


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Onsite Attendee Check-in, Event Tickets and Barcodes

Jun 16, 2014    By: Mark Turner


UPDATE: be sure check out our post on fee-based tickets.

When you create a new event in your account a ticket for that event is created in the background. So, each time someone completes a registration on your registration form a personal ticket is created for them.

Here’s how it appears:

After completing a registration your registrant will land on the confirmation page where they may click the View and Print Your Ticket button. You can customize the information that appears above this button to suit your needs.


Upon doing so they will be presented with their ticket for printing.


If you do not want a ticket created for your attendees you can turn this feature off. To do this, head into your event’s edit menu and select Build/Design Your Form & Website > Event properties > Select the last item in the list ‘Enable/Disable Event Tickets’.


From here you will uncheck the ‘Enable/disable event tickets’ checkbox.


You can check/uncheck this selection at anytime whether your event is in test mode or live.


In addition to the barcode that is created on the registrant’s ticket, you can also create one for the confirmation email. To see how this is done read How to Set-up Barcodes.


Now that your attendees have barcoded tickets you can use the Event Wizard® Attendee Scanner App to scan the barcodes when your attendees arrive at your event.

The attendee scanner app will scan the barcode on a screen (phone, tablet etc.) or paper print out then automatically update your attendance report in your event. This app can be used for multiple events in your account, and multiple devices can be scanning at the same time without data conflict.


The Event Wizard® Attendee Scanner App is available for all Apple iOS devices and Android and is free of charge. Download the Event Wizard® Attendee Scanner App now.


To access your attendance report to see who has attended your event (been scanned in) or not attended (not scanned) click the reports icon in your account.


Then select Attendance Report in the Reports & Tools dropdown list.


Your list of registrants will appear in this report.


Use the Show: dropdown list to show only those that attended your event or did not attend your event.

  • Use the two lists to segment your registrants and send targeted emails based on whether they attended or did not attend.
  • Running webinars, seminars or classes that go towards CE credits? The Attendance Report is the perfect way to track credits based on attendance.

If you have any questions about using our onsite attendee and scanning tools, contact us today.

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Moving a Registrant to Another Group

May 22, 2014    By: Mark Turner

When using Group Registration you may sometimes need to relocate a group member or move a single registrant (known as a group of one) into an existing group. This move can be achieved in two easy steps.

First, you will need to find and copy the registration ID of the person that you want to move. You can do this by opening up a registrant’s confirmation page or by searching their name in the By Transaction report.


From the registration report, find the registrant you need to move into a group and click the ‘View Registration Details’ icon to the right of their name.


When clicked a new page will open. This is a copy of the confirmation page your registrant saw after completing registration. Find the Reference Number (Transaction id) and copy it.



To find the Transaction id using the By Transaction ID report, click on the report name in the Reports & Tools. Search the name and the ID will be displayed in the fourth column.


Copy the Transaction id.

Your second step is to navigate to the Groups Report, Find the group leader of the group that you want to move the person to and click on the last icon in the Tools.


Enter the Transaction ID and click CONFIRM. This will complete the move into the new group.


If you have any question about moving registrants into groups contact us today.

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How to Set-up Barcodes

Apr 8, 2014    By: Mark Turner

Setting up barcodes in your event is the same as setting up any other merge tag within your Event Wizard® edit menu (task list).

Use the Event Wizard® Attendee Scanner App with your attendee barcodes onsite at your event. When barcodes are scanned for each attendee your attendance report will update real-time in your reports.


There are two areas we recommend adding barcodes; the confirmation email and the confirmation page (thank-you page). In either instance, adding the barcode merge tag is the same. Let’s use the confirmation email in this example.

The first thing to do is head into the confirmation email edit screen in your task list. Once here, click your mouse inside the editor screen so the cursor is flashing. Then select the merge tag dropdown list labelled Insert System Merge Tag. 


Then select 1D barcode and the barcode merge tag will be added to the email body.


Click save and you’re done! Now, each time a registrant completes their registration and receives their confirmation email a unique barcode will be in their email.


Instruct your registrants to bring the email with them on their mobile phone or in a print out to be scanned at the door using the Event Wizard® Attendee Scanner App. Each time a barcode is scanned your attendance report will update that person in your reports as attended.

If you need assistance setting up barcodes feel free to contact us today.

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How to Manage Event Languages

Apr 3, 2014    By: Mark Turner

One of the features that sets Event Wizard apart is the ability to create an event registration form in any language you want. Whether you want to offer your event registration in a single language or in multiple languages it can be done in Event Wizard.

What is a single language registration form?

A registration form offered in a single language is an event registration form that is operating in one language only. That single language will feed into one set of reports.

A form with multiple languages is an event registration form that is operating in more than one language. Even though the form can be viewed in different languages, all information that is submitted on that form is still being saved in one set of reports.


After going through your initial event set-up you will land on the Task List. To get to your manage languages screen click the Build/Design Your Form & Website box, then select Event Properties and Choose your event languages.




You will notice that there are only eight languages to choose from on this step.

  • English
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

These eight are the most popular languages used in Event Wizard so we have done automatic translations to the system messages, merge tags and errors. So, even though you do not see all 6000 plus spoken languages in the world you are able to create a form in any of them (more on that later).

For this example we will use English and French.

Once you have finished up the rest of the Create Event steps you will land on your Event Task List. We now have an event that is offering registration in English and French, but before we make it live we need to edit our fields


To create your own system language you will select the ‘Add a Language’ text in your Manage Languages screen.


Once in the Create a New Language screen, simply fill out all of the currency and translation information and click SAVE at the bottom of the page. Your system language will now be saved and available for you to select.


For our example we have selected English and French as our languages. Event Wizard will automatically translate system messages and errors into both languages, depending on the language of the registration form someone is on.

If you want to edit the standard system messages for one of the eight pre-loaded languages you can do so by copying the language then making the edits. To do this, click the ‘copy’ icon next to the language you would like to copy and edit.


Once you have done this, a new copy of the language will appear with (copy) after it. You can now edit that language’s system message.


It’s important to note, if you have copied a system language so that you can edit it, make sure to uncheck the system language you selected during initial event set-up and check off the copied version. If you do not do this you will still see the pre-loaded system messages on your form.


By default, the tasks within your registration forms task list (edit menu) will be in English. If you do not select English when creating your form then your tasks will be in the language you selected.

If you have multiple languages on your form it is highly recommended you complete all task in one language before editing the other language(s). This saves you from having to make updates in more than one place each time something is changed or updated.

Let’s say we have built our form in its entirety in English. We now want to edit the French version. There are two ways to switch the task list so that you are editing French in this case. The first is to flip the entire task list to French.


When you do this, every task within the Task List will now edit the French version of our form.

The second way to edit the French version is to flip each individual task to the French side.


The second method is typically used when the form is already built and you need to make an update to a single page or question on your registration form.


Registering your attendees with multiple languages is not that different than registering your attendees on a single language registration form. When you have multiple languages enabled on your form Event Wizard will display a language dropdown in the lower left corner of the screen.


Your registrants can toggle between languages and register on the language they prefer.

When you toggle between the different languages you will notice the URL in our browser address bar changes just slightly.  The different URL’s that appear are another way for your registrant’s to get to the registration form in the language of their choice.


It does not matter what language your registrant’s complete their registration in; the information still goes into a single reports database for that particular event just as you are used to.

Where you will see a slight difference is in your at-a-glance report. Each of your questions will display in English in your reports and the responses will show totals as normal, but the responses will show in the language they were selected in.

Creating your forms in the languages represented by your attendees will have an immediately positive response in your registration numbers. If you need assistance creating a multi-language registration form let us know.

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How to Add Your Online Payment Gateway

Mar 11, 2014    By: Mark Turner

When processing credit cards through your Event Wizard registration form there are two ways in which you can collect the funds. The first is to use the Event Wizard® (DCYE) payment gateway and the second is to add your payment gateway. This post will explain how to add your payment gateway so you can process and receive your registration fees directly. We currently provide full integrations for nine online payment gateway partners.

To add your payment gateway login to your Event Wizard® account and click My Gateways.


Once you have entered the My Gateways screen click the dropdown list titled ‘Add a New Gateway’ and select the payment gateway provider you would like to connect to your account. Each of the partners we work with require slightly different information in order to connect your Event Wizard® account. The information specific to your gateway provider will appear when you select that provider.

Next, a series of form fields will appear. When filling these out be as complete as possible to avoid any testing errors.


Once your account information is entered in click Save.


Now that the payment gateway information is added to your account you need to test it and ensure the connection is working right between Event Wizard® and your provider.

To test your gateway you can either use an existing registration form or create a new test form. In this case we will use a test form.

Create a new form as normal but select the blank template that only has First Name, Last Name, Email and Confirm Email (this isn’t required but it makes testing quicker). Once the initial form creation steps are complete add a $1.00 fee to your form. Next, head into the Payment Process section of your edit menu (task list)


and select your payment gateway from the Online Payment Options dropdown list.


Save that page and make your form live so the credit cards can be processed in a real world test.

Your form should look similar to this:

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 12.37.58 PM

Process your live testing form making sure to use a real credit card number to process your $1.00 test fee.

If your first test is successful, login to your payment gateway portal and ensure the fee processed and deposited correctly. If it shows up in your payment gateway account then you’re all set.

After testing your form you will be able to void the test fee from your payment gateway portal so your card isn’t charged.

The last step is to select your payment gateway in the Payment Process section of the registration form you will be making live.

If your test is not successful, check the following and try again:

  • Did you enter the credit card number correctly?
  • Is the card type used (Visa, AMEX or Mastercard) allowed through the account you have set-up with your payment gateway provider?
  • Double check that you have entered your account information correctly in the My Gateways section of your Event Wizard® account.

If you have eliminated the above possibilities and the test transaction is still failing please submit a support ticket through your Event Wizard® account. When submitting the ticket be sure to note any error codes or messages that appear when the transaction fails.

If you need any assistance when adding your payment gateway please let us know.

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If you have set-up your registration form to use the Event Wizard® (DotCom Your Event) payment gateway to process your credit cards, you will likely want to test it out. To do so, you will need to use the following test credit card number.

Address/Email/Phone – Feel free to use your personal information, but it doesn’t need to be real
Card Number – 4111 1111 1111 1111
Expiration Date – Use the default month and year that are on the credit card form
Security Code – 111

When testing your form it should look like this:

Using this test credit card number will allow you to run through testing your form in its entirety before making it live.

This test credit card number will only work for the Event Wizard® (DotCom Your Event) payment gateway. It will work for both USD and CAN gateways that we offer. If you are using your own payment gateway your provider should issue you test card numbers to use.

If you have any questions about testing your form let us know.

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