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NEW! Updates to the Date Input Field Type

Feb 10, 2016    By: Mike Schumann

You asked and we listened! The date input field type has been a part of Event Wizard® for a long time, but it wasn’t very flexible and was due for an overhaul. Thanks to suggestions from some of our clients, we have added some much-needed functionality to the date input field.

Date Format Choices

When a date input field is added to a registration form, it is rendered as three dropdowns: Day, Month, and Year. Until now, these dropdowns always appeared in a static order and couldn’t be rearranged. This wasn’t ideal, since different countries format their dates differently, so we added an option to arrange them as Day/Month/Year or Month/Day/Year, as seen in the example below.


Choosing whether your date input field appears as Day/Month/Year or Month/Day/Year is easy, and can be done using the new Date Format property when adding or editing your date input field.


Default Dates Are No Longer Required

Due to the way the date input fields functioned, they were always required to have a default date. This meant that even if a registrant didn’t explicitly fill out the field, the default date was always present in their response. We completely rewrote the date input field’s functionality from the ground up, which provided us with the option of allowing empty date fields on forms.


Because of this new feature, the only time registrants are now forced to enter a date is if the date input field is specifically marked as “required” by the event organizer. Awesome!

We hope you find these enhancements useful when building your next event. If you have any feedback or requests, please take 5 minutes and fill out our Event Wizard® Feedback survey. Who knows, you might just see your suggestion(s) in the next version update of Event Wizard®!

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Mike Schumann
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NEW! Registrant Activity Tracker

Jan 22, 2016    By: Mike Schumann

Statistics and information play a key role in running a successful event. As a user of Event Wizard®, you get a whole suite of reporting tools to view and manage things like who registered for your event, what options they chose during registration, and when they registered. That’s great and all, but what about when a registrant makes changes to their registration record? Enter the Registrant Activity Tracker…

To see the new activity tracker in action, head on over to the reports section of one of your events and open up the By Last Name report. Scroll through the list of registrants and you should notice a new icon in the Tools column for some of the names – give it a click.


Note: If a record has not been updated in any way, the icon will not appear. Only registrants with some sort of activity associated with them, (further to the initial registration) will display the activity icon.

On the page that opens up, you’ll see a list of instances where this particular registrant was either updated or substituted. There are three possibilities for who modified the record: the registrant themselves, an account user/administrator, or a reports user.

Note: If a record is updated by a reports user, the password with which they used to login to your public reports is captured and displayed.

In the case of our example, we can see it was updated on two separate occasions by an account holder, (not the registrant herself) who happens to be an administrator for this event. We can also see the date and time at which the update took place, providing a “timeline” of sorts. From here, we can take it one step further by clicking on the descriptions and drilling down to view all the details.

The page will open up to a table containing all the information that was modified during the record change. The first column is the field that was updated – pretty self-explanatory. The second column is the type of change that happened to the field, of which there are three possibilities:

  • Add – Information for this field was not present previous to the update; all new information was added to the field response
  • Deletion – Information for this field existed prior to the update; all information was removed from the field response
  • Change – Information for this field existed prior to the update; information was changed from one value/selection to another

The final two columns will display the old value/selection of the field field, along with the new one that was provided during the update process.

You can also view the activity for all registrants of an event. To do this, select Registrant Activity from the Reports and Tools dropdown in the reports section.

Not only do we see the two records that we did previously, but we now also see the records that were updated for other registrants, in order of when they were modified. Furthermore, like the previous page, you can click the descriptions to view all the details for that particular record.

We hope you find this new tool as useful as we do. If you have any questions about the new activity tracker or anything else Event Wizard®, give us a shout!

Posted on January 22, 2016 by Mike Schumann
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NEW! Updates to Group Registration/Payment

May 27, 2015    By: Mike Schumann

Group registration is an integral feature for any online registration company. Whether you need to register teams for a golf tournament, create table settings for a gala dinner, or delegate business category groups for a trade show, the ways in which it can be used are virtually limitless. Well, the industry’s most powerful group registration system just got even better and easier to use, (for registrants and event planners alike) thanks to these new updates:

1. Group payments are now included in the By Each Payment Made report

Say, for example, you have a registration fee of $100 on your form… “Registrant A” comes through and processes their registration, then pays for their own fee – this would be classified as a single payment. Then, they decide they want to add two more members to their group, so they go through and add “Registrant B” and “Registrant C” to their group, but instead of paying for them individually, they process a payment for both – this would be classified as a group payment.


Until now, the By Each Payment Made report only listed payments made for individual registrations, which made it difficult to determine all the payments made for your event. With our latest update, the By Each Payment Made report lists both single (individual) and group payments – keeping all your registrant payment information at your fingertips!

2. Who conducted the group payment and which group members the payment paid for has been made clearer in the Record/Manage Payments section

If you click on the “Record Payments” icon in the Tools column of most reports, you’ll be brought to a page where you can add and edit fee payments for a specific registrant. This is great, but it was always a bit of a cloudy area when it came to group payments. So, we decided to clear things up by adding additional information for group transactions on this page.


Now, all the group payments are listed by reference number and we’ve included the total amount paid, payment type, and date the payment was made. You can even click through to view a full breakdown of the payment on the Manage Group Payments page.

3. Group Payments have been added to the Recent Transactions section on the Thank You page

This one is more for your registrants – similar to #1 above, we have added the group payments to the list of transactions on the Thank You page as well. After registering for an event, a registrant will land on the confirmation, (or “Thank You”) page. If you scroll past the registration information, you’ll see a list of online payment transactions pertaining to the registration being viewed, (assuming the event has at least one fee, and at least one online payment has been made).


From here, you can view the reference number and date of the payment, but you can also click through to view all the details of the payment itself.

We are always trying to improve Event Wizard® based on both our own usage and user feedback. If you have any feature requests, likes/dislikes, or any other feedback, please take a few minutes to complete our Event Wizard® Feedback form. For all those other inquiries, you know where to find us!


Posted on May 27, 2015 by Mike Schumann
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