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How to Cancel a Registration

Mar 6, 2013    By: Mark Turner

Cancelling a registration is one of those things you don’t want to do. You want more people at your event, not less! But, for a variety of reasons registrants can’t always make it. So, how do you refund their money and cancel them from your event?

Cancelling a registrant is quick and easy. First thing you’ll need to do is login to your Event Wizard® account and view your reports. Then search for the registrant you need to cancel and click the red ‘x’ in the tools that appear to the right of their name.


In the box that appears you will enter a cancellation fee if one applies.


At this point one of two things will be done:

  1. If you are using the Event Wizard® Payment Gateway (DotCom Your Event Inc.) then an automatic email has gone to our finance department. They will then refund the money less any cancellation fee you’ve retained, and update the record in your reports to ‘cancelled’. To check the status of the cancellation you can view your Pending Cancellations report. If the registrant is not located in this report then they have successfully been refunded and cancelled.
  2. If you are using your own payment gateway or Paypal you will need to login to your separate payment gateway account and issue the refund back to the registrant manually. Don’t forget to deduct any cancellation fee you have applied.

Once you have completed these steps then the registration is moved from your Registrations report to your Cancelled report. This is a great report to have as it will allow you to communicate future events to this group differently. For example, “Sorry we didn’t see you at 2013 XYZ Conference. Here’s a 10% off coupon code to attend 2014 XYZ Conference, hope to see you there!”

If you need any assistance cancelling a registration contact us through your support ticket system and we’ll respond right away.

Posted on March 6, 2013 by Mark Turner
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