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Event Wizard® 6 – New Features & Updates

Sep 26, 2014    By: Mark Turner

Event Wizard® 6 introduces many new features to your Event Wizard® account and loads of updates to features and tools you already use. In addition to the main features and updates listed here we have made many small improvements throughout the software to help speed up and create a more efficient and user friendly environment for you.


There is a new task list menu in Event Wizard®, but as a current user you will not see it right away. We have left the current user default to the old version of the task list and will let you decide if you would like to change to the new one (we think you should!). To preview the new task list simply click the Check out our New Task List button on your current task list.


Once you have previewed the new task list for a moment you will be asked if you prefer it as your default via a pop-up window at the bottom of your screen.


At this point you can set the new task list as your default or remain using the classic version. If at anytime you change your mind you can go into your account preferences and change your default. Once you are in the task list you will notice everything is laid out a bit different than you are used to but in very logical easy to understand categories. If you want to toggle back to the old task list click the Go to Classic View button.



We now have a one page create event screen that allows you to create and launch a simple event from one page. This page is essentially a stripped down version of the multi-step process you are used to when creating an event. Just like the task list though we have a new Create Event screen that can be accessed by clicking the link in the upper right of the current Create Event screen.


Select that link and set the preference for the new screen and you’ll be looking to the future from here out. View our how to get started guide to see how the new Create Event screen works.


You may have noticed we quietly launched our Event Wizard Attendee Scanner App a few months ago. There was a reason for that and it had a lot to do with our new barcoded tickets in Event Wizard® 6. Read more about onsite attendee check-in, barcodes and event tickets.



Copying an event already saves you a ton of time, we just went ahead and made that even quicker. We now have a one-click copy event function that is so easy you may just copy events for the fun of it. Read more about copying your events.


We have updated all current accounts from 100MB of file storage to 200MB of file storage. In addition you can now create folders to better organize each event’s files and drag and drop those files into the folders you create.



We have updated the form error checking tool to now highlight the required fields that your registrants miss. This eliminates the pesky pop-up boxes that weren’t too popular and takes the guesswork out of which fields need to be filled out to continue on the form.



We have revamped the way the Service Fee Field behaves in Event Wizard®. You are now able to use your own payment gateway and make the fee any amount you would like.

Recovering your per registration cost just got much easier! Read more on the Service Fee update.


Our long standing customers have been waiting for this and we’re pleased to finally make it available. You can now show only the events you want in My Events based on the events status. You can even archive old events! Check out all the new My Events organization.


Our Help Centre has also been updated and will continue to be a great source of help and support as your use your Event Wizard account and it’s new features. Be sure to bookmark it to get the most out of your account.


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Is Event Wizard affected by Heartbleed?

Apr 10, 2014    By: Mark Turner


On Tuesday April 8th many media outlets reported on the potentially damaging effects of an internet security vulnerability known as the Heartbleed bug or (CVE-2014-0160). This vulnerability poses severe implications for the entire Web and allows remote users to access memory on the system where the vulnerability exists.

The problems that have come to surface around this bug have to do with exposure when using OpenSSL. OpenSSL is software code that protects the privacy of sensitive details (such as banking information and passwords) when accessing secure websites.

It is important to understand that Event Wizard is not at risk and never has been.

Event Wizard uses SSL/TLS issued by GeoTrust. We use Quick SSL, not OpenSSL. Quick SSL is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.

If you have any concerns about your registrant’s data being safe, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to test Event Wizard’s vulnerability to the Heartbleed bug you can do so here http://filippo.io/Heartbleed/; enter event-wizard.com.

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This past weekend our partner Glotman.Simpson Cycling held their annual Cypress Challenge cycling race in support of pancreatic cancer research at the BC Cancer Foundation.

This is Glotman.Simpson Cycling’s 6th year putting on this event. Each year the awareness is greater and the ridership has increased, but not on the scale it did this year. This year the Club managed to attract over 500 riders and raise over $400,000 in support of pancreatic cancer research.

We are very proud to be associated with Glotman.Simpson Cycling and we congratulate them on this monumental achievement.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired – Aug. 20, 2013) – The Glotman·Simpson Cycling Club’s 6th Annual Cypress Challenge raised a record $400,000 for the BC Cancer Foundation in support of groundbreaking research at the BC Cancer Agency’s Pancreas Centre BC. The event, presented by Beedie Giving, Britco and KPMG, was a phenomenal success with over 500 riders taking part to raise awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer research.

Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate of all cancer types, in part because early detection is difficult. The Canadian average for five-year survival is only 5 per cent, with nearly 600 people in B.C. expected to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year. With so few survivors to advocate and raise funds, events like the Cypress Challenge are important to help raise awareness and support more research. The Glotman·Simpson Cycling Club is dedicated year round to raising awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer research. The Cypress Challenge is their biggest fundraiser of the year.

“Pancreatic cancer is a dreadful disease that has personally impacted many of the Cypress Challenge participants,” says Geoffrey Glotman, Event Chair and Managing Principal, Glotman•Simpson Consulting Engineers. “With the growth of the event, we see simultaneous momentum building in pancreatic cancer research with the establishment of the Pancreas Centre BC, a dedicated research body focused on advancing care for people facing pancreatic cancer.”

The final total of $400,000 CAD is comprised of 100 per cent of rider registrations, cash sponsorships, donations, silent auction and raffle proceeds. The event was hosted by the Glotman·Simpson Cycling Club and Glotman·Simpson Consulting Engineers, with the support of over 60 volunteers. This brings the total raised over 6 years to over $780,000 for the BC Cancer Foundation.

“Glotman·Simpson Cycling Club’s incredible support of pancreatic cancer research means research initiatives with the most promise to improve the lives of those diagnosed with this disease can move ahead” says Douglas Nelson, President & CEO, BC Cancer Foundation.

The Cypress Challenge route from the bottom of Cypress Mountain to the top of Hollyburn’s Cross Country area covered 12km at a steady 6.5 per cent grade – which wouldn’t be out of place as a hill climb in the Tour de France. A First Peak category saw more novice riders climb 5km to the First Peak Look-out.

To find out more visit www.glotmansimpsoncycling.ca/cypress-challenge

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Open Blog Submission

Jun 6, 2013    By: Mark Turner

We are always looking for ways to help our customers better market their events and get more from Event Wizard®. Now there is a new way for you to get the word out about your event using our website…for free!

We are looking for ways to add more variety on our blog. While it is full of tips and tricks about Event Wizard® we want there to be more stories about our customers events and experiences. We know you have the content, now you can use us to get it out there.

It’s really as easy as that. We get to post more unique stories and you get to reach thousands of people you might otherwise not. All we ask is the content be original and not a direct sales piece.

Learn more and submit your request here.

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Glotman Simpson Cyclocross p/b Event Wizard®

Apr 23, 2013    By: Mark Turner

It wasn’t long ago we signed on as partner sponsor for Glotman Simpson Cycling’s new Cyclocross (CX) initiative, now known as Glotman Simpson Cycling presented by Event Wizard®.

This week it feels a bit more real and exciting as the new race kit designs were released. We love them! What do you think?


Click image for larger version

Glotman Simpson Cycling is a huge contributor to the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at the BC Cancer Foundation. Over the years they have raised an incredible amount of money for this cause; last year alone bringing in over $150,000.

While we have been a sponsor of Glotman Simpson Cycling’s road program for a few years now, the new Cyclocross initiative was in need of a new partner sponsor to help it get off the ground in it’s first year.

The whole idea of this new initiative is to make the entry into Cyclocross as easy as possible for people. Glotman Simpson Cycling p/b Event Wizard® will be supporting riders through subsidized CX skinsuits, training camps, and race day support, while still maintaining it’s core focus of raising funds for pancreatic cancer research. In addition, the program is open to everyone whether you are new to CX or a seasoned pro.

Sounds like a great idea to get behind. Promote a healthy lifestyle and raise money for cancer research at the same time – no brainer!

We are very excited to be working closer with Glotman Simpson Cycling on this new initiative and will keep you update on the squads progress through the CX season this fall.

Join Glotman Simpson Cycling here.

Order the new CX kit here.

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New Partner: Velofix

Feb 27, 2013    By: Mark Turner

It’s no mystery that we are big supporters of cycling. We have been a supplier sponsor of Glotman Simpson Cycling for three years and just recently signed on to become their cyclocross title sponsor.

So it’s no surprise we’ve just partnered with another great cycling company, Velofix. Velofix is a Mobile Bike Pro Shop. Their fully equipped Mercedes Sprinter Van comes to you and fixes your bike.

While you might think Velofix is a rolling bike shop and that’s it, you’re wrong. Can you call up a bike shop to come to your home or office to fix your bike? No. Can the bike shop show up at any event or training ride with little notice and get you back racing or training in a snap? No. Can you book Velofix for your office to service all your employees bikes? You get the idea…

We’ve partnered with Velofix because we think their concept is a smart one – save time, ride more. We also love the fact one vehicle is driving around fixing bikes, rather than have those same people drive to the bike shop. Plus, if you want to hang out you get an espresso and can learn about bike maintenance.

As a Velofix partner we will supply Event Wizard® to assist with corporate event bookings and more. Check them out so you can spend less time fixing your bike and more time riding it!

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New Partner: Mercury® Pay

Feb 26, 2013    By: Mark Turner

Our newest partner, Mercury® Pay, will provide you with even more choice when it comes to your Event Wizard® payment processing needs. Mercury® provides fully integrated payment processing solutions that help businesses prosper. Accept all payment types securely and continuously right from your Event Wizard® event.

This new partnership integration with Mercury® means you can now simply enter your account information in Event Wizard® and start taking payments immediately.

If you are looking to open a Mercury® account you can begin the process here.

Read more about Event Wizard® and Mercury®

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Maladies of Adam Stokes Debut Album Giveaway

Nov 21, 2012    By: Mark Turner

At the Event Wizard® office we love music. Whether we’re coding, helping customers or brainstorming new features, our office always has music playing.

We love different genres of music but our favourite is independent Canadian bands. In particular we are big fans of The Maladies of Adam Stokes, so much so we backed their Rocket Hub campaign to release their first full length record. Well, that record is out and we want to give the first 100 people to respond a free copy.

If you would like a FREE copy you better act fast!

Listen to tracks from City of Trees


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Event Wizard® How-to Videos

Oct 2, 2012    By: Mark Turner

One of the most difficult aspects of my job is remembering that not everyone has used Event Wizard® since it started development. The odd time a question comes up that shakes us back into the reality of learning software.

Yes, we try to make Event Wizard®’s UI as easy to use as possible, but it’s a constantly evolving process. Keeping the new user in mind is what will make a better Event Wizard®. Furthermore, keeping users educated through engaging how-to blog posts and videos will make a better Event Wizard® user. With that in mind, a major initiative for 2012-13 is to create and deploy across www.event-wizard.com and the application a series of help videos.

Each video will be short and to the point. No fluff, no promotion, just easy to follow steps on how to complete a task within Event Wizard®. These videos will be located on the page in which the task is being explained. Each video can also be accessed through our new Event Wizard® Help Centre. The Help Centre is updated regularly with post articles and videos.

We have started with three videos that are now available in your Event Wizard® account.

Creating a Custom Theme in Event Wizard®

How to Create a New Event in Event Wizard®

How to Add and Edit Registration Form Fields in Event Wizard®

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Event Wizard® Mobile is Here!

Jul 25, 2012    By: Mark Turner

Last Thursday Event Wizard® Mobile was released for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices, making it a snap to manage your events onsite and on-the-go. Event Wizard® Mobile is free to use but you must have an Event Wizard® account to use it.

We had been thinking of a mobile app for quite sometime but knew it needed to be done right. The big question through the entire process was, what did the on-the-go Event Wizard® user need? Keeping this in mind ensured we built only the core functions that a user onsite and on-the-go needed and left out bloated features and functions that wouldn’t be used. As a result we made sure functions like checking in attendees and checking your registration counts were included. You can even submit a support ticket if you need assistance with your account when you’re not near a computer.

Head over here to get Event Wizard® Mobile on your smartphone or tablet.

Once installed open it up and enter your Event Wizard® login information. The next page is your home screen. From here click Manage Events to access your events.


At this point it will all be very familiar. Click on any of your events and off you go.

If you require any support assistance use the app’s interface to submit a ticket just like your regular account.


With Event Wizard® Mobile you can:

  • View, open and close your events
  • Search & view registrant details
  • Check-in your attendees
  • Resend registrant confirmation emails
  • Record registrant payments
  • View past invoices
  • Submit & manage support tickets
  • and more!

We hope you like the app and would love the hear any feedback you may have. In the meantime go take your event on the road, it can do that now!

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