Setting up your Event Properties

After setting up your event it is good practice to immediately set-up your event properties. These settings and options for your event are located under the Build/Design Your Form & Website section of your event’s edit menu.


These settings have a large impact on the way your registration form will behave so it’s important to understand what each one does.

If you click through the first task called Edit event date, event location, and basic properties you will be presented with the following options.


This is the same event information screen you set-up when you began building your event. If you would like to edit any of this info you can do so and save it here.


Registration Limit

Set the global registration limit that your form will allow. This can be changed at anytime during a test or live event.

Allow Duplicate Registrations

This setting, when checked off, will allow registrant’s with the same First Name, Last Name and Email Address to register more than once. Otherwise, if left unchecked it will not allow a duplicate registration with those same three fields matching. Read more about duplicate registration settings.

Allow Registrants to Update their Information

When this setting is checked off it will allow your registrants to update their own information without having to go through the event administrator. This setting should be used in conjunction with the update link merge tag so that registrants are able to access their registration information. This setting does not apply to fee items.

Allow Registrants to Remove/Add/Modify Fee Selections While Updating

When you have the previous setting checked off, this one allows users to also remove/add/modify any fee items on the registration form. You might use this setting if you opened up activities to your registrant’s and asked that they come back and make a selection.

Allow Substitutions

This setting will provide the ability to substitute one registration for another until a specified date. 

Create an Outlook Calendar Appointment for my Registrants

When selected this setting will display a calendar icon on the registrants confirmation page. When clicked, the icon will download an .ics file to add to your calendar. 

Enable/disable event tickets

When you first set-up your event tickets were made in the background. These tickets can be used in conjunction with our Event Wizard® Attendee Scanner App to check attendees in at your event. This property will turn these tickets on or off.

Registrants Must Choose at Least One Fee

This setting forces the registrant to select at least one fee item on the registration form before submitting their form.

The last setting that is displayed during initial event creation only is Create a service fee for my event and pass on the registration cost to my registrants. This setting is only available during set-up as it controls how the per registration fee is charged. Once this setting is selected it cannot be turned off so decide wisely if you would like to use it. Read more on setting up your service fee here.

Use these settings to further automate your registration form for you and help streamline the process for your registrants.

If you would like to learn more about setting up your Event Properties let us know.

Posted on September 27, 2013 by Mark Turner
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