Setting a Default Landing Page for your Event Website

If you’ve created more than a registration form using Event Wizard®, you’re not alone. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, listen up!

Event Wizard® is not just registration forms, it’s also micro-sites. Yes, you can create your own little event website, complete with event information, maps, programs or anything else you desire. These extra pages are located in your task list, under ‘Registration site pages & Properties’.


When you begin creating a new site the only two pages that will appear by default are the Registration Page and the Thank You Page (Confirmation Page). You must enable the Welcome Page and any Custom Pages for them to appear on your registration site. If you decide to create additional pages there are some URL settings that you need to be aware of first:

  • By default your events URL will go to the Registration Page when that is the only page enabled
  • If you enable the Welcome Page, the URL will then go to this page by default and not the Registration Page
  • If you add Custom Pages, the URL will still go to the Welcome Page. Unless you do not have a Welcome Page, in which case it will then go to the Registration Page

That’s all fine but what if you have a Custom Page that has important information you would like your registrants to read before they begin the registration process and the default settings don’t make sense. If this sounds familiar, you’re in luck! To set your default page to something other than the registration page, make that page your default landing page in your Page Properties


At this point it doesn’t matter if your registrants click the default URL for your event, they will now land on the Hotel Information page first. If you decide later on in your event you would like to change the default page back to the registration page just un-check and re-save it. To override any of the default page settings you have created you can simply post the specific page URL instead of the default event URL.

Ensuring your registrants are being served the most relevant information first before starting the registration process is as easy as setting your default page.

Posted on April 9, 2012 by Mark Turner
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