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How to get started with Event Wizard®

Apr 25, 2011    By: Mark Turner

Congratulations on choosing Event Wizard®. You’re about to experience the best in registration software but before you do, here are a few points to help you get started.


Creating your first event is easy with our one page event creation page. Fill out all of the fields on this page and you’ll end up with a fully functioning event registration form.

V6-Create Event 2

When you reach the bottom select one of three options:

V6-Create Event 1

Save & Finish Later

This choice will save all of the information you have entered on this page so you can complete it later.

All forms that you’ve completed or are working on, are located on you’re my Events page. When you select Save & Finish Later your form will appear as ‘Incomplete’ in your EVENT STATUS column.

Create Event

When you select Create Event your event will be created and you will be presented with three options.

  1. View and test my event – This will open your event in a new browser window. Your event will be in test mode so you can process as many test registrations as you’d like to ensure your form is perfect.
  2. View full edit menu – When selected you will be brought into our full event edit menu. This is your main edit menu for your event and includes all of the tools available for editing your event in Event Wizard®.
  3. Make my event live – When this is selected your event will be live and taking registrations. In order to make any event live you will need a positive registration balance in your account.

Do More

When you select Do More after completing your initial create event steps you will be brought into the full Event Wizard® event edit menu. This area includes all of the tools available to edit your registration form.

If you need assistance while creating your event please contact us.

Posted on April 25, 2011 by Mark Turner
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Event Wizard® Field Types Legend

Apr 25, 2011    By: Mark Turner

Event Wizard® has a variety of fields to help you create the perfect registration form for your event.  Use this legend to help understand how each field type will work and how it will display on your form

Data Collection

Checkbox → Allows the registrant to choose/not choose a single item.
Date Input → Creates three drop down lists, (dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy) that allow your registrants to enter a date.
Drop Down List → A box that, when clicked, allows the registrant to select a single option from a list.
Radio Button → Allows the registrant to select a single response from a group of options.
RSVP → Create a special field to allow your registrants to RSVP to your event
Text Area → A multi-line box used to collect textual data from registrants.
Textbox → A single-line box used to collect textual data from registrants.

Page Formatting

Horizontal Line → A solid line that spans the width of your form.
Label → Used to display a simple block of text/HTML.
Line Break → Creates an empty space between two other form fields.
Page Break → Creates a new page for any fields following it; inserts customizable Next and Previous navigation buttons.
Section Label → Acts as a ‘header’ to separate the different sections of your form.


Code Input → A textbox that allows the registrant to enter a code.
Credit Card Expiry Date → Renders month and year drop downs, to be used in conjunction with the Credit Card Number field.
Credit Card Number → Creates the necessary fields to accept credit card information from registrants..
Donation → Similar to the Fee field, except it is tax-exempt and allows the registrant to enter any amount.
Fee → Used to accept payment for a product or service, (ex: ‘Registration Fee’, ‘T-Shirt’, ‘Gala Dinner’, etc.)
Service Fee → Create a service fee to pass the cost of registration onto your registrants

Predefined Dropdowns

Countries → Drop down list that contains a list of countries.
File Uploader → A module to allow your registrants to upload and attach a photo or image to their registration
Provinces → Drop down list that contains all the Canadian provinces.
Provinces & States → Drop down list that contains Canadian provinces followed by US states.
States → Drop down list that contains all the US states.
States & Provinces → Drop down list that contains US states followed by Canadian provinces.

Posted on April 25, 2011 by Mark Turner
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How to create a custom theme in Event Wizard®

Mar 23, 2011    By: Mark Turner

Your website looks great and your event materials look great, so how do you make your registration form look great?  It’s actually quite easy to match the look and feel of your event materials or corporate branding with your registration form; it’s all done through themes within your Event Wizard® account.

Creating a theme

To start creating your theme, click on the My Themes icon located in the main menu of your account.


From here you can either copy a theme that you already like and would just like to make simple changes to, or create a new theme from scratch.  For this purpose we’ll create a new theme from scratch.

  1. Click – Create a New Theme
  2. Enter a title for your theme and click OK


This is where the power of themes really shines.  Use each of the menus on this page to match colour codes, images, fonts etc. to your existing website or other materials.  At anytime click the green Preview Theme button at the bottom of the menu to see what your theme currently looks like.


It is important to note that your global fonts are controlled here so there is no need to update each form field individually, rather choose it here and you’re done.  As well, if you need to upload any images to your theme for the background, you must first upload the image to your My Files area of your account so it can be accessed.  This also goes for any header or footer images you add to the form separately.

After you have completed your theme click Save Theme and you’re all set to add it to your event.

Adding a theme

To apply your theme do so in your events task list.



Themes can be edited at anytime whether you’re in test mode or live mode.  They are also account specific, meaning the same theme can be added to as many events as you like.  This is especially useful if you have strict brand standards to adhere to.

This feature is standard across all Event Wizard® accounts, so make sure you take full advantage of it.  Of course, if you have any questions about your theme let us know, we’re happy to help.

Posted on March 23, 2011 by Mark Turner
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