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How to Copy an Event Wizard® Registration Form

Jan 11, 2012    By: Mark Turner

Copying an old event registration form is a great way to speed up your build time when creating a new event.

To copy a form in your account head into the My Events screen of your account.


Then click the orange “Duplicate” icon under the TOOLS.

(NOTE: your event must be “active” in order to utilize the Duplicate function).


After clicking the “Duplicate” icon your new event will automatically show up in the next line underneath the event you copied.


All of your event information will be identical to the event you copied so be sure to head in and update this information to reflect your new event.

If you have any questions about updating your event let us know.

Posted on January 11, 2012 by Mark Turner
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If you are collecting fees on your registration form and decide to use the DotCom Your Event® payment gateway, you may be wondering how you get the money you brought in. The process is quite simple actually, and the best part is, you have to do very little work from start to finish.

If you’re at the stage of setting up your event, you’ll first want to add the DotCom Your Event® payment gateway in the ‘Payment Process’ section of your events edit menu. Make sure to choose the correct currency when doing so as there are two gateways provided, one for Canadian transactions and one for US transactions. You’ll then want to set-up the remainder of your event, complete with fees.

After your event is over login in to your account and navigate to the edit menu. On the eCommerce line there is a task labelled Reconcile Event. Click this task and an automatic email will be sent to our financial department. They will then email you a spreadsheet summarizing the financials for your event including our 5% fee for eCommerce. You will then invoice us for the amount shown on the spreadsheet and a cheque and final report will be immediately sent to you. If you require payment via wire transfer, please note that a $75 wire transfer fee will be deducted from the payment total. If you require payment to be sent via courier, you can either arrange a pick up with your own courier or DotCom Your Event can arrange a delivery through FedEx at your expense. The courier fee will be directly deducted from your payment.

If you need interim funds you can invoice us at any time during a live event for up to 80% of what we have collected to date.  These advance payments will be included on the final spreadsheet summary.

For further information on how to submit an invoice for funds collected, please contact our finance department at

Should you have any questions about using our gateway during your event please let us know.

Posted on January 11, 2012 by Mark Turner
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How to Make Your Registration Form Live

Apr 26, 2011    By: Mark Turner

Before we dive into the things you need to do before making your registration form live, have you thoroughly tested your form?

You have? Perfect, let’s get started.

Making your form live is done through a couple of areas within your account.

From the Create Event screen

After you have going through your initial create events steps you will be presented with some options.


If you’d like to skip everything and make your form live click the ‘Make My Event Live’ box.


A pop-up will open, select ‘GO’ and your event will be live.


Your event’s URL will be displayed in the pop-up. It is the same URL that your test site used.

Make sure to spread the word about your event after making it live using our sharing buttons!

From your My Events Page

You can toggle between many event status options on your My Events page including making your form live. To do so, click the Test Mode link under the Event Status column.


After clicking the Test Mode link you will go through a series of pop-ups like above.

A few notes about going live:

  • In order to make any event live you must have a positive registration balance in your account.
  • All test registrations and associated data will be deleted when you make your event live.
  • When you make your form live each registration processed will now draw from your registration balance in your account

If you need assistance with making your event live, let us know.

Posted on April 26, 2011 by Mark Turner
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