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How to promote your event

Feb 2, 2012    By: Mark Turner

Let’s face it, building a fantastic registration form is not quite enough. Yes, it collects all of the information you require, creates a seamless registration experience for your users and carries over your brand standards perfectly, but if nobody knows about it they won’t register. You hear it all the time – offer early bird rates, create a contest, provide value and incentives to register. That’s fine, those tactics might work when people already know about your event but they do a poor job at making people aware of your event.

Just like your regular marketing strategy should include social media, so should your event marketing strategy. If it doesn’t don’t worry, we’ll assist you with the actual execution with our built in social media promotion tools.

There are two ways for your event to be promoted in Event Wizard®. The first is from the edit menu of your event, which is usually where users will post to various social platforms when an event is first made live.


The second is from the registration form itself using the original event registration social media bar located at the bottom of every registration form. The options in this bar can be turned off if you’d prefer, but that’s like having a party and locking the front door. That said, maybe you have an internal event and you don’t want it promoted, then the option is there.


This is where registrants can help promote your event through their social platforms. Ensure you’ve filled out your page titles and event properties as much as possible. You’ll save your users from posting just links and you’ll have more control over what’s posted.

Lastly, follow @Event_Wizard and we’ll retweet your event tweets whenever we see them. Now go promote that event!

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MPI European Meetings & Events Conference

Jan 31, 2012    By: Mark Turner

As you know, we’re now partnered with QuickMobile, developers of custom, branded mobile event applications. QuickMobile has created some of the industries most sought after event applications for a variety of mobile platforms, including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. In an effort to better showcase their great work and what the possibilities are for you as an Event Wizard® user, we will now be bringing you the QuickMobile Featured App post, straight from the QuickMobile showcase.

Featured App:
European Meetings & Events Conference App 2012


QuickMobile developed the mobile event app for the MPI European Meetings & Events Conference, January 29-31 in Budapest, Hungary. Developed for iPhone and Blackberry platforms, the mobile event application delivered a comprehensive range of features, including a searchable schedule of conference events, detailed attendee, speaker, exhibitor and sponsor profiles, participant to participant messaging, access to the MPI Twitter feed, Facebook page and Engage blog, venue information and mapping, information booth, photo galleries and surveys.

Learn more about how a mobile event app from Quickmobile can benefit your event, just like it did at the MPI European Meetings & Events Conference

Posted on January 31, 2012 by Mark Turner
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Renewing Our Support for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Jan 17, 2012    By: Mark Turner

In 2011 we got behind Glotman Simpson Cycling, an organization that strives to raise funds and awareness towards Pancreatic Cancer research.  They do this by riding their bikes, a lot.  In fact, at the end of last year there were 200 members in the Club and both a Men’s and Women’s race team.  So you can only imagine the kinds of distance they recorded, all the while spreading the word.

As the Club grew, so did the administrative effort in keeping everyone happy and organized.  Enter, Event Wizard®.  As a member of Glotman Simpson Cycling myself I recognized the need for a registration system and the organization of the database that comes with it.  So, I brought it to our team and with overwhelming support we decided to sponsor Glotman Simpson Cycling and all of their online registration needs.  This proved to be an invaluable component in the Club’s registration process for uses like membership registration, spin class registration, surveys, skills sessions and more.  Knowing these tasks were taken care of meant administrative time was opened up to focus on raising funds and awareness towards this very aggressive form of cancer.

In 2011 Glotman Simpson Cycling and it’s members raised a staggering $125,000 towards Pancreatic Cancer research!  While this figure is impressive, it’s only a start.  That’s why we decided to renew our support for the Club in 2012, so they can continue their quest to raise funds and awareness without the burden of organizing the Club’s registration and payment needs.

Learn more about Glotman Simpson Cycling and all the good they do for cycling and cancer awareness  You can even become a member and show your support for their cause.

Does your company support a similar cause?  Tell us about in the comments!


Posted on January 17, 2012 by Mark Turner
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