Merge Tags and How to Use Them

Before we dive into this post let me explain what merge tags are.

Merge tags allow you to customize your Registration Confirmation Email, Payment Confirmation Email, Registrant Update Email and Thank You Page by allowing you to add tags that automatically pull in information from your registration form.

The most common use of merge tags is to automatically address something with a person’s name, like an email.  For example, if you set up your email to read, Dear [##FIRST_NAME##], then each recipient will have their first name in place of the tag.  Pretty neat, right!

Now that you know what they are, let’s explain how to use them.  As mentioned you have the ability to set up merge tags in the following places in Event Wizard®:

  • Registration Confirmation Email
  • Payment Confirmation Email
  • Registrant Update Email
  • Thank You Page

We’ll use the Thank You Page for this example.  When you are in the Thank You Page editor look out for the two dropdown lists on the lower row:


The list on the left will add ‘Form Merge Tags’, which are merge tags based on the fields you have created for your form. This excludes the following fields: Labels, Horizontal Lines, Page Breaks and Section Labels.


The list on the right will add ‘System Merge Tags’, which are tags automatically generated for every registration form created, such as Registration Date, Event Title etc.


To add any tag, just simply click on the name in the dropdown list and it will embed itself within the editor.

By default we have added the typical merge tags to all of the registration confirmation emails that go out.  However, if you do not want these tags or want to change them up in any way, feel free to go into the above mentioned pages and do so.

Let us know if you need any help!

Posted on November 8, 2010 by Mark Turner
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