How to Set up Users and Share Reports

The ability to share reports is a key feature for a lot of our users. Having the ability to send these reports to someone outside of your Event Wizard® account means you can get the right information in the right hands with little hassle.

Sharing reports is quick and easy. First you will need to create a login so the person viewing the reports can do so. To begin adding your user, login to your event reports and scroll down to User Management.


Click Add a New User then begin defining the level of access the person will have to your event reports.


A) Define report type:

None – this setting will only allow access to the custom reports that you choose.
Attendance Reports Only – Allows access to all pre-defined attendance reports. These are the standard event reports that are created with every form.
Financial Reports Only – Allows access to only financial related reports.
All Reports – Allows access to all reports.

B) Define access level:

Read – Read only
Read, Download – Read and download reports to Excel.
Read, Write, Download – Read, download reports to Excel, and update attendee information.

C) Access to tools:

View/Create/Delete Custom Reports – User will have the ability to view, create and delete custom reports.
View Custom Reports Only – User can only view custom reports.
Email to Registrants – User can email registrants from the reports they have access to.

For this example we will allow access to all reports.


Once we have defined our user settings we’ll create a password and click Add User. Now that the new user is set-up you can send the report login page to the person along with the password that was set-up.


At this point the person viewing the report can simply click the URL, enter the password and view the report at anytime. The reports will update automatically as new registrants are added to the system. If you ever need to update a user or delete them you can do so from that same User Management screen in your reports.

Posted on March 27, 2013 by Mark Turner
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