How to Set-up Discount, Complimentary & Access Codes

Codes are widely used in the registration world to provide discounted or free registration to certain registrants. It’s a quick way for VIP’s, Members, Speakers and Sponsors to handle their own registration and apply the discount they’re entitled to.

In Event Wizard® these promo codes are set-up on a per fee item basis. This means that you decide which fee items are eligible for a certain promo code. So for instance if a conference fee and tour are eligible but transportation is not, you can set up your codes to reflect this.

When setting up your codes you can either create all of your fields first, then set-up the codes. Or first set-up your codes, then build your form and apply your codes afterwards. I prefer the first method as I personally think it lessens the chance of accidentally forgetting to apply a code to a fee item.

For this example let’s assume you have created all of the fields on your form and you are now going to create your promo codes.

First click on the ‘Add/edit discount/complimentary/access code’ from your Registration Form Layout & Fields section.


Once you’ve entered this screen you will see all of the fee items you’ve created listed out. Above this is a series of properties that each code will have, they are:

  • Code Name: This is the actual code itself, i.e. Sponsor123
  • Code Type: This is either Discount (1-99%*), Complimentary (100%) or Access (see bottom of post for explanation on Access Codes)
  • Is this a percentage discount?: Check this off if your code provides a percentage off. Otherwise the system will assume the number you have entered is the dollar amount off the price.
  • Value: This is the amount of the discount
  • Capacity: If you have enabled capacities on your form then you can use this field. This refers to the number of times the particular code can be used. If it is blank it can be used an unlimited amount of time.
*discount codes can be set to 100% if needed



In the above screenshot you will see that the discount of 25% will be applied automatically to the price in the table so you can see how your discount will affect the price. At this point, you will want to check off the fees your code applies to and click Save.

After you have saved your codes you can return to the Manage Codes section of your edit menu to edit/delete the code.


The last step you will need to take is to add the Code Input field. If you forget this step your registrants will have nowhere to enter the promo codes. To add this field go into Add Field and underneath the Financial section click on Code Input.


Enter the label for the field and click Save. This field can be treated like any other you create. I suggest keeping it near the bottom as it’s typically the last step a registrant will take before submitting their registration.


Once registrants start using the codes you can view these people on their own in your reports. For example, if you want to view everyone that used a discount code you would login to your reports click By Discount Code in the drop-down menu. Here you can see who has used what codes.

Click View Registrant Details and see exactly how the discount was applied to a certain registration.



NEW: Access codes have now been added to what was formerly know as the Discount/Complimentary code area. Access codes are much like a password. The registrant must enter the correct access code in order to complete the registration process. Add an access code just like you would a discount or complimentary code. Except in this case you do not need to apply it to any fee items.

Use codes within Event Wizard® to create a seamless automated promo code process. If you have any questions on how to use the codes let us know in the comments.

Posted on March 29, 2012 by Mark Turner
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