How to get started with Event Wizard®

Congratulations on choosing Event Wizard®. You’re about to experience the best in registration software but before you do, here are a few points to help you get started.


Creating your first event is easy with our one page event creation page. Fill out all of the fields on this page and you’ll end up with a fully functioning event registration form.

V6-Create Event 2

When you reach the bottom select one of three options:

V6-Create Event 1

Save & Finish Later

This choice will save all of the information you have entered on this page so you can complete it later.

All forms that you’ve completed or are working on, are located on you’re my Events page. When you select Save & Finish Later your form will appear as ‘Incomplete’ in your EVENT STATUS column.

Create Event

When you select Create Event your event will be created and you will be presented with three options.

  1. View and test my event – This will open your event in a new browser window. Your event will be in test mode so you can process as many test registrations as you’d like to ensure your form is perfect.
  2. View full edit menu – When selected you will be brought into our full event edit menu. This is your main edit menu for your event and includes all of the tools available for editing your event in Event Wizard®.
  3. Make my event live – When this is selected your event will be live and taking registrations. In order to make any event live you will need a positive registration balance in your account.

Do More

When you select Do More after completing your initial create event steps you will be brought into the full Event Wizard® event edit menu. This area includes all of the tools available to edit your registration form.

If you need assistance while creating your event please contact us.

Posted on April 25, 2011 by Mark Turner
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