How to create a custom theme in Event Wizard®

Your website looks great and your event materials look great, so how do you make your registration form look great?  It’s actually quite easy to match the look and feel of your event materials or corporate branding with your registration form; it’s all done through themes within your Event Wizard® account.

Creating a theme

To start creating your theme, click on the My Themes icon located in the main menu of your account.


From here you can either copy a theme that you already like and would just like to make simple changes to, or create a new theme from scratch.  For this purpose we’ll create a new theme from scratch.

  1. Click – Create a New Theme
  2. Enter a title for your theme and click OK


This is where the power of themes really shines.  Use each of the menus on this page to match colour codes, images, fonts etc. to your existing website or other materials.  At anytime click the green Preview Theme button at the bottom of the menu to see what your theme currently looks like.


It is important to note that your global fonts are controlled here so there is no need to update each form field individually, rather choose it here and you’re done.  As well, if you need to upload any images to your theme for the background, you must first upload the image to your My Files area of your account so it can be accessed.  This also goes for any header or footer images you add to the form separately.

After you have completed your theme click Save Theme and you’re all set to add it to your event.

Adding a theme

To apply your theme do so in your events task list.



Themes can be edited at anytime whether you’re in test mode or live mode.  They are also account specific, meaning the same theme can be added to as many events as you like.  This is especially useful if you have strict brand standards to adhere to.

This feature is standard across all Event Wizard® accounts, so make sure you take full advantage of it.  Of course, if you have any questions about your theme let us know, we’re happy to help.

Posted on March 23, 2011 by Mark Turner
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