How to Add Links in Event Wizard®

Linking has many useful applications but I would say the most useful is time-savings. Spend a bit of time setting up external web page or email links and you will create a quick and seamless experience for your registrants.

Setting up links within Event Wizard® is quite easy. If you’ve ever set up a link in an email or a WORD document than you’re already halfway there. For this purpose we’ll use the Registration Page edit screen but you can do the following in any of the page/email/form field html editors in Event Wizard®.

Open up the editor and highlight the text you would like to link.


In the editor menu click the ‘link’ icon and a pop-up window will appear. Click the Link Type dropdown box to choose whether this is a link to another URL or a link to an email address. This is important as those two link types behave much differently. One will simply open a new web page and the other will open a new email with the recipients email address in the ‘To’ field.


Once you have your destination URL entered you may also want to set-up how the link will open on the Target tab of the pop-up window. I recommend having all external links open in a new window so that your registrants do not have to leave the registration site or page. That will be the setting called New Window (_blank).


If you want to simply link to a PDF or another file that you’ve uploaded, read our post on Uploading & Accessing Files in your Event Wizard® Account.

Once you have completed the link settings and clicked OK, make sure to save the new hyperlinked text in the editor.

That’s it, you’re now a link creation pro! If you need any help let us know, there are plenty of ways we offer support.

Posted on March 7, 2012 by Mark Turner
Category : Event Wizard® Tips
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