How to Add an Alternate Email Address Field

When someone registers they sometimes need to send a confirmation of their registration to an alternate email address. Maybe it’s a parent that’s registering their child for sports camp and they require a copy of the confirmation. Or an Office Administrator registering a group that needs to manage all confirmations and attendee records.

In Event Wizard® you can set up your form to do this automatically by changing a simple field setting. To do this you will start by adding the filed type ‘textbox’ in the Data Collection section.


Enter the label as you normally would, then scroll down to the dropdown box labelled ‘Field Behaviour’. Select Alternate Email Address in the dropdown box. This step is very important as it tells Event Wizard® to trigger a copy of the confirmation email when this field is filled out.


Once complete click Save and you’re done. Your new Alternate Email Address field will appear on your registration form. You can treat this field like any other on your registration form and move it around or update as needed.

You are not limited to the number of alternate email address fields on your form so have fun!

If you have any questions about adding an alternate email address field, let us know.

Posted on April 10, 2013 by Mark Turner
Category : Event Wizard® & Event Wizard® Tips
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