Force Payment

Recently we released a feature for your events that have fees associated with them called Direct to Payment. When enabled, this setting will send your registrants directly to the payment page after submitting their form.

Now we have another feature that adds even more flexibility to how you receive payments for your events. This new feature is called Force Payment. Force Payment helps address the issue of cart abandonment.

But, before we get into how Force Payment works, please note:  DO NOT enable the Registration Confirmation email when using the Force Payment option.  The Force Payment option sends the registrant directly to the payment form so it is advised to set-up the Payment Confirmation only when this option is enabled.

In Event Wizard® we consider cart abandonment to occur when a registrant fills out an event registration form, clicks submit, goes to the payment page and then leaves without entering their credit card information. Cart abandonment can be very frustrating. It’s difficult to understand why a registrant would go through the process of filling out a registration form only to miss the payment step. Especially when in most cases you do not have the opportunity to ask that person why they didn’t complete their registration.

How does Force Payment address cart abandonment?

If you do not have the Force Payment option enabled and a registrant abandons the payment screen without submitting their credit card information, Event Wizard® will automatically flag the record as Payment Pending. Some Event Wizard® users would prefer knowing this so they can contact the registrant and help them complete their registration.

When Force Payment is enabled and a registrant abandons the payment screen without submitting their credit card information, the record does not go into Payment Pending. Rather, Event Wizard® flags the record as incomplete and does not record it in your reports database. You never see record of it in Payment Pending and as far as you’re concerned all records in your reports are complete and paid in full. This provides you with the most accurate reports possible and eliminates you having to chase money for pending payments.

How to enable Force Payment in your event.

Enabling Force Payment for your event is very quick. First, click E-Commerce & Payment Processing > Edit your payment options and details.


Then look for the Force Payment checkbox right below the Direct to Payment checkbox. Check this off and click Save.


That’s it! Your event is now all set up to only record registrants that are paid in full.

Things to know:

  • When Force Payment is enabled and a registrant fails to complete the payment process, no credits will be deducted from your account.
  • Force Payment cannot be used with Group Registration
  • Force Payment cannot be used when multiple forms of payment are being accepted, i.e. Cheque, Purchase Order etc.
  • This setting can be turned on or off during any event whether in test or open mode.

If you have any questions about Force Payment and how to use it, please contact us.

Posted on July 12, 2013 by Mark Turner
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