Emphasizing the Support in Techsupport

Whether or not you need techsupport, for any software or application you are using, it’s nice to know someone’s there to help if you need it.  With that in mind, not all techsupport is created equally so be sure you know what the policy covers before you commit.

We are sometimes asked what support we offer for Event Wizard®. As a result we have refined our policy to cover all points that may come up before, during and after your event. You can read our one-page policy here, which I might add is written in very plain English without any asterisks or ‘exclusions’ on the page.

The bottom line is, we want you and your event to be successful so if you need help it’s readily available for free and quickly. If there is a help topic you don’t see anywhere let us know in the comments.

Posted on February 23, 2012 by Mark Turner
Category : Event Wizard® & Event Wizard® Tips
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