Direct to Payment

When accepting registrations for your event it is always encouraged to provide a way to process credit cards. After all, in a world of automation and speed your registrants will expect they can pay with their credit card. Now there is a way in Event Wizard® for you to speed this process up even more.

It’s called Direct to Payment.

Direct to Payment must be enabled in the Payment Process section of your event’s edit menu. When enabled it does just as the name suggests and sends the registrant directly to the payment page. In addition to speeding up the process for your registrants, it also minimizes user error and provides you with the most accurate reports possible.

The Direct to Payment feature does not guarantee that the registrant paid successfully. A non-paying or unsuccessful payee will end up in Payment Pending and will count as a registration. If you want to guarantee that only successful paying registrants are registered for your event then please see Force Payment.

Let’s get into setting this feature up. Assuming you already have your fee items set-up on your form and you’ve either added your payment gateway or you are using the Event Wizard® payment gateway, the first thing you’ll need to do is enable Direct to Payment.

To do this click E-Commerce & Payment Processing > Edit payment options and details.


In the upper left area of the page make sure to check off the Direct to Payment box. Then ensure you have the correct payment gateway selected and click Save.


Once you have enabled these settings you are set-up for Direct to Payment.

The process for your registrants is a bit different then the standard payment process. The standard method requires your registrant to first submit the registration form. Then they will land on the thank-you page (confirmation page), select a payment method and finally fill in the credit card fields for processing.




The Direct to Payment process essentially eliminates the middle step and sends the registrant directly to the payment screen right after submitting their form.




Please note: For all new events the default Payment Process setting for credit cards is Direct to Payment.

Like all registration software features in Event Wizard®, Direct to Payment can be enabled for some events and disabled for others.

If you have any questions on setting up Direct to Payment feel free to contact us.

Posted on June 25, 2013 by Mark Turner
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