Credit Usage Reports

When you purchase registration credit to run your event, it’s nice to know exactly where that credit is going. We have two accounting reports to help you track your credit usage. Credit usage in your account and credit usage for your event.

Credit usage in your account

This report will breakdown exactly where your credits are being consumed account wide. So, if you have three events that are live at the same time it will track all three.

To find this report click the ‘edit account’ icon  in your account. Click on the Credit Usage tab:


There is an explanation next to each transaction type in case you are unsure what they are referring to. Click through any of these transaction types and you will see an exact breakdown of how your credits are being used.


Credit usage in your event

This report works the same way as the Credit Usage in Your Account report, except it is for a specific event. To access this report you will login to your event’s reports and click the ‘Reports and Tools’ dropdown list. You will see Credit Usage under the Financial Reports.


Select this report and you will land on a summary of registration credit used for your event. Just like you did in the Account Credit Usage Report, you can click on the transaction type to see a detailed listing of how the credits were used for this event.


Both of these reports also have date and time stamps and will update in real-time, meaning each transaction that affects your registration credits will appear in these reports immediately.

The credit usage in your event report will only appear for events created from November 28, 2012 onward. No historically credit data is available.

If you have any questions be sure to let us know.

Posted on November 29, 2012 by Mark Turner
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