Creating a Post Event Survey

Event Wizard® is good for more than just registering attendees for your event. By leveraging the same tools you use to build your registration form you can also create surveys.

Surveys are a great way to gauge the satisfaction of your attendees after your event. Your attendees feedback will provide you with valuable insight and suggestions you may otherwise not have considered. It’s the perfect way to improve your event and create a memorable, long lasting experience for your attendees.

To build a survey in Event Wizard® you will first go through the initial steps of creating your registration form. During the portion asking for Basic Event Information you will need to bypass the address fields by entering some filler information.

In this case we have just entered the word ‘Survey’.


Once you are through the initial event set-up steps you will land on your event task list. The next steps are crucial to a successful survey form in Event Wizard®.

Hide the First Name, Last name and Email Fields and make them not required

When a registration form is created in Event Wizard the First Name, Last Name and Email fields are automatically required. These three fields are used to identify duplicate registrations, ensure accurate reporting and make communicating through system email much easier. But, this is an anonymous survey so scrap them!

Head into the Edit/Move/Hide form fields section of your edit menu. Under the tools for each of the three fields you can deselect the star icon, making it not required and click the eye icon, making it hidden. It should look like this:


Allow duplicate registrations

Now that you have hidden the fields that are normally used to detect duplicate registrations the system assumes everyone without these fields is a duplicate. So we must allow duplicate registrations on the survey.

Click Event Properties and navigate to the Advanced Options tab, then check off Allow Duplicate Registrations.


You’re all set to start building your survey questions. When possible we recommend using radio buttons for your survey questions. This ensures only one answer is selected for each question, creating very accurate survey results for you.

Here is a great example of using radio buttons in this way.

Survey 4

Promote your survey and encourage responses

Surveys are rarely useful when there are five responses. Get the word out and gather as many responses as possible. The best place to start is to use the email registrants tool from the event you just had. Set-up a nice email with the link to the survey asking for feedback.

Post to social media sites and offer an incentive. A draw for free registration to your next event (If you do this, don’t forget you have made your form anonymous. Add another email field separate from the system email field so you can contact the winner). Or, perhaps a new iPad or other tool used often by attendees.

Have a high profile sponsor that could fund a prize? Go bold and make the incentive as enticing as possible.  These incentives motivate people! Let’s be honest, we would all spend 5min on a survey if the incentive was worth a lot.

Make the survey fairly short or offer steps that are separated by ‘Page Break’ field types. This way your respondents know how close they are to completing and are less likely to abandon.

Make surveys part of your event marketing strategy and each year your event will only get better and better.

If you have questions about setting up surveys in your Event Wizard account contact us today.

Posted on November 5, 2013 by Mark Turner
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