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Virtual Conference and Trade Show Schedule

* All Times are Mountain
07:30- 17:00 Alberta Fire Service Instructors Symposium
07:30- 08:30 Instructors Symposium - Continental Breakfast  
Tuesday, May 18, 2021
09:30 - 9:40
Welcome to the AFCA 2021 Virtual Conference and Trade Show 
VIP Greetings
Airdrie Plenary Room
9:40 - 10:40
 Keynote Presentation - Livin Life Large - Building Great EMO Teams
Based on Tyler’s bestselling book Livin’ Life Large: Simple Actions that Create Success, this keynote will not only have you rolling in the aisles with laughter but will also share some simple changes that you can easily make in your personal and professional life to help to achieve better teams, wellness, and satisfaction.

Livin’ Life Large combines expert storytelling, current research about human performance, engaging audience interaction, and Tyler’s clean corporate humour.  This presentation is about creating long-term life satisfaction by living “every single moment of every single day.”

In doing so we are able to effectively and efficiently balance the rigours that work and life throw our way. We explore this by learning about how to support each other, set goals/intentions, recognize the opportunities, and so much more.
Speaker: Tyler Hayden, Speaker, Author, Consultant 
Plenary Room 
10:45 - 11:45 Concurrent Conference Streams  
10:45 - 11:45
Stream A - Ch-ch-ch-changes
You've heard the joke: Everyone wants change but no one wants TO change. Since March 2020, change has been the only constant.

As the delivery of fire prevention and fire-safety education evolves within the parameters of the pandemic, fire departments must embrace new ways to identify risks, complete inspections, ensure the safety of fire personnel and the community, reach target audiences, and communicate prevention messages. 

NFPA and its partners are working diligently to create new resources, disseminate new information, and build new materials to ensure all fire-department personnel – from chiefs to inspectors and educators – have the tools to do their jobs efficiently, effectively, and safely. 

NFPA’s Laura King highlights emerging technology that bolsters the first line of defence, introduces initiatives that help fire departments mold their messages, and guides participants through updates to NFPA's programs, platforms, codes and standards. 
Presenter: Laura King, Public Education Specialist, NFPA
Redwood Meadows
10:45 - 11:45
Stream B - Life After PTSD.  Reinventing Yourself After Psychological Trauma
With over two decades frontline service, I went from a once enthusiastic firefighter/paramedic; to a person I didn’t even recognize. Depressed and suicidal. I was falling apart.  My marriage and my family were crumbling.  
After almost a year of treatment, my career was over with the stroke of a psychologists pen.  The world as I had known it was over.  
I struggled for quite some time to come to grips that I would never lace up my boots or don an SCBA again. This was tough. It was everything I’d known my entire adult life.I will talk about career pathways, continuing psychological care, wellness and diversification. How to become an advocate for your own care can be lifesaving. We will explore how I have turned a negative life event into one of great positivity.

As First Responders, we are all only one call away from “the one” that breaks us.
Presenter: Kyle Wilkinson, Advanced Care Paramedic/Product Specialist
Stream C - Crisis, COVID, Call of Duty - The Cost of Compassion 
In this time of Covid, Crisis and Call of Duty, how do we protect, strengthen, build our mental health resilience? As a first responder, there is a cost to compassion; for *ourselves, *our colleagues/staff, and *our families/relationships.
You hold us at our most vulnerable; how do you hold yourself, each other and relationships? How can you let us give back to you?
Let's quickly explore risks, symptompology and research. Let's be clear about what we know, need to know and were to go when we require support/clarity.
    * How do we bravely tackle self-reflection?
    * Confidently recognize and support colleague struggle/staff struggle?
    * What about the "dirt on our boots" we track into our personal lives and relationships?
After you have seen, heard, smelled, tasted and touched trauma... how does one stay connected and process? HOW DO WE CARE FOR OURSELVES AFTER WE CARE FOR OTHERS?
Let's clarify the difference between Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Moral Injury. Take away strategies for each.
Understand mental wellness/ mental injury / mental illness / PTSD.
Presenter: Debbie James, Consultant
Stream D - Mindful Leadership: Developing the Mindset to Thrive, No Matter What 
When faced with difficulty - what's the difference between people who succeed, and those that struggle?

How do we position ourselves better to not only survive - but THRIVE?

As we continue to navigate the challenge of a global pandemic - let's assess where we're at, and what we've learned. One thing is for sure - this isn't the first challenge you've encountered - and it's definitely not the last.

In this experiential workshop, Trish will teach the keys to develop the mindset to thrive, no matter what life throws us.

When you learn the skills to thrive, they become a valuable asset, helping you weather any storm that comes your way.
Presenter: Trish Tutton, Speaker and Mindfulness Teacher
High River Room
11:50 - 12:20
Fire Hall Cooking Demonstration with Tom Sobol, Lieutenant, Strathmore Fire Hall
Tom will be showcasing his recipe for burgers, with roasted parmesan rosemary potato wedges. There will also be a special burger sauce that he keeps getting flack for not sharing, so this will officially let him share this easy, but delicious burger sauce with everyone.
The burgers will be a mixed protein, with explanation of why, and condiments will be fairly standard.
Strathmore Fire Hall
12:20 - 12:45
Conference Break 
12:45 - 13:45
Keynote Presentation - The Capital L Leader – Mental Health Leadership for Modern Public Safety Professionals​
Modern leaders in the public safety sector must have an innate and empathetic understanding of the many mental health issues members of their teams may be struggling with. They also must understand the unique position and opportunities they have as leaders to help guide the mental health and wellness of their teams.
Brian Knowler has taken what he has learned as a police leader, lawyer, mental health advocate, and PTSD survivor and created the CAPITAL L Leadership concept. Simply put, CAPITAL L Leaders are those who know that the health, wellness, and balance of their teams are not only the best barometer to measure success, but also one of the key criteria in having productive and energetic teams with high morale.
Attendees will leave the session with new tools centered around concepts like effective communication, empathy, knowing and supporting your team through good and bad, self-care, and living out loud as a leader; tools that can help both the leader and the team navigate the many pitfalls of mental health issues in the modern workplace.
Presenter: Brian Knowler, CEO, Balance Leadership Training and Consulting
Calgary Plenary Room 
13:50 - 15:50
Virtual Trade Show
The Trade Show will have three, 3-Dimensional trade floors that  will allow trades to interact with delegates through a digital platform.
Virtual Trade Floors #1 through #3
15:40 - 16:40
Virtual Social Networking Lounges
The virtual social networking lounges will provide trades and delegates an opportunity to network at the end of each day. 
Wednesday, May 19, 2021
09:30 - 10:30
 Keynote Presentation - Leading Effectively through Crisis
As leaders, we long to be unstoppable as we achieve our goals.  Despite the best intentions, we can get distracted and derailed.  The world around us is so complicated, causing law enforcement and first responders to pivot to a "new normal".  In this day and age, it does not take long for unaddressed, low level chaos to turn into crisis.
Gina has navigated the highest levels of chaos, crisis and change as an FBI Agent and Executive while maintaining her vision and achieving excellence.  In this talk, Gina share her stories of working in the trenches during her nearly three decades in the FBI and the United States Army responding to terrorist attacks and cyber hacks, with usable lessons about how to successfully lead through chaos, crisis and change.  She provides specific tools her audiences can take with them and apply to their own professional and personal lives to eliminate chaos and lead effectively through a crisis
Presenter: Gina Osborn, Retired FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Executive Coach
Okotoks Plenary Room 
10:35 - 11:35 Concurrent Conference Streams
10:35 - 11:35
Stream A  - Walking the Talk: Canada's Fire Chiefs and a Fire Service for All 
The Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC) is the national association representing the country's fire departments through chief fire officers and senior leaders in emergency management. In 2017, the CAFC asked its National Advisory Council which consists of all provincial and territorial Chiefs Association and National Affiliate Organizations, the top three issues of concern to them: Building Codes, Mental Health, and Diversity and Inclusion. This led the CAFC Board to espouse a commitment to diversity and inclusion, with gender representation among its first areas of focus. This commitment has been reshaping the national association.

Organizations like the Alberta Fire Emergency and Wildfire Management Women (AFEW) and Fire Service Women Ontario (FSWO), and have been instrumental partners. In 2018, the CAFC elected its first woman board member and established the Women Chiefs and Company Officers Network of Canada. In 2019, the association held its first symposium to develop an action plan towards a "Fire Service for All" which has recently been released. Members were asked to imagine the fire service of the future and what would be required to get there.

In this presentation, Board Member Chief Keri Martens and Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair, Laurie VandeSchoot and Executive Director Tina Saryeddine will speak to the recently released action plan that is being implemented to help make a "Fire Service for All" in the context of the broader work of the CAFC in the fire sector.  
Keri Martens, Deputy Fire Chief Canmore, Board Member, Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, Co- Chair CAFC Diversity and Inclusion Committee/Women Chiefs and Company Officers Network
Laurie VandeSchoot, Ret. Deputy Fire Chief, Co- Chair CAFC Diversity and Inclusion Committee/Women Chiefs and Company Officers Network, Principal Satya Consulting,
Tina Saryeddine, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs
10:35 - 11:35
Stream B - Leaders Pack - 81 Ideas for Team Building Every Leader Can Do
Join team building expert Tyler Hayden in this active and in-depth look at how we build greater EMO team engagement using his technique of MIQ. For more than two decades Tyler has been sharing with leaders how to develop greater alignment and engagement within their teams to create greater efficiency and effectiveness.

In this session Tyler will share with your his "secret sauce" to reaching your EMO team members individually and collectively.

You will learn how to build a more cohesive and engaged EMO team who will be increasingly aligned enabling them to successfully perform in a their work. Learners will gain insight and tools that will enable them to improve their team’s accountability to one another, engagement in quality work, and effectiveness of how time and resources are shared and allocated amongst team members. Tyler’s out-of-the-box experiential and adventure based learning experiences are built so that you can immediately apply them to your team to increase engagement in your projects and activities within the service of others. The things you will learn in this highenergy event are essential for framing your team’s structure and long-term dialogue.

You will explore 81 different team-building solutions that can be applied immediately. Further Tyler will explore how to apply certain tools both virtually and on-site.
Presenter: Tyler Hayden, Speaker, Author, Consultant 
Wheatland County Room 
10:35 - 11:35
Stream C – Cool Under Pressure
Ever been in that situation where you watched someone become unhinged. Just lose their $rht. Have meltdowns, angry vents, headaches, bursts of emotions, or shutdown, and ride the Fight or Flight roller coaster.

During my 25 years in the Ontario Fire Service, I have seen the fight/flight stress response, have lived it, have researched it, and learned how to work it.

It comes down to "people don’t rise to the occasion, they default to their level of training”. Imagine being able to observe, stay cool, keep emotional and intellectual capacity, make coherent decisions, and communicate calmly so others think you’ve got it all control. With training how to handle high risk - high consequence circumstances, we can manage the fire, the council proposal, the crash, the community conflict, or the difficult colleague. 

Those daily experiences influenced me to conduct further research and development of a Leadership Training Program titled “Cool Under Pressure”.
Presenter:  Dave Gillespie, Acting Captain, Peterborough Fire Service 
Shaganappi Trail
10:35 - 11:35
Stream D - CASA Be Grain Safe Program
Attendees will learn about the hazards of grain handling and storage, see what training is available for firefighters and producers, and find out what opportunities are available to bring awareness and prevention messaging to their communities.
Presenter: Robert Gobeil, AG Health & Safety Specialist, Canadian Agricultural Safety Association
Turner Valley
11:40 - 12:10
Fire Hall Cooking Demo with Trevor Grant, Deputy Chief Operations, Fire Department, The City of Grande Prairie
Trevor will be preparing “ Slow Burn Chilli”. This chilli with the perfect blend of flavour and spices will provide that slow burn to keep your crews warm through those long winter days.
Grande Prairie Fire Department
12:10 - 12:35 Conference Break  
12:35 - 13:35
Keynote Presentation - Wicked Problems; A facilitated discussion of known and emerging issues
Jump into a virtual, facilitated discussion with a guest panel that will cover challenging and emerging issues such as:
  • Intergovernmental and stakeholder relationships 
  • Response times, effective response force and the Alberta Building Code
  • Service and staffing trends
  • Fire medical first response
  • Firefighter health and wellbeing
We will explore these issues and any others brought forward by the audience with the goal of sharing information and experiences. You will have the opportunity to ask questions via the virtual platform.
We will consider this session a success if it:
  • Raises awareness
  • Brings up more questions and issues
  • Builds new networks, relationships and resources for you
Ken McMullen, Chief of Emergency Servcis, City of Red Deer
Joe Zatylny, Fire Chief, City of Edmonton | Edmonton Fire Rescue Services
Moderator: Walter Gahler, Fire Chief, Canmore Fire Rescue
Canmore  Plenary Room
13:40 - 15:40
Virtual Trade Show
The Trade Show will have three, 3-Dimensional trade floors that  will allow trades to interact with delegates through a digital platform.
Virtual Trade Floors #1 through #3
15:35 - 16:35
Virtual Social Networking Lounges
The virtual social networking lounges will provide trades and delegates an opportunity to network at the end of each day. 

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