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Addressing Islamophobia in NL
Addressing Islamophobia in Newfoundland and Labrador Conference (September 22-23, 2018) is the culmination of an ongoing community engagement project to respond to Islamophobia, racisms and xenophobic discrimination. The conference is planned and facilitated by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) and our local project collaborators, in order to co-create anti-Islamophobia advocacy, ally-ship and education, attentive to our provincial culture. We anticipate that there will be over 100 members of non-profit community organizations, primarily service providers and community organizers, from across Newfoundland and Labrador participating in the conference. We aim to mobilize the capacity and strengths of our collaborators in a series of workshops, culminating in a discussion on a provincial strategy. For a summary of Phase I of the project, please see https://mun.yaffle.ca/projects/3324.
This project is supported by MUN’s Office of Public Engagement, MUN’s Office of the Provost, MUN's Aboriginal Resource Office, Anti-Racism Coalition of NL, NCCM, MANAL, MSA-MUN, MUNSU, CFS-NL, NL Human Rights Commission, RIAC, ANC, MUNFA, Social Justice Co-Op, FFAW-UNIFOR, ICNA, NLFL and over 25 community & university collaborator organizations from across the province.
If you would like to receive updates about the Project, or would like to get more information, you can reach the Project Coordinator, Aneesh Sasikumar at addressing.islamophobia@mun.ca or Dr. Sobia Shaheen Shaikh (School of Social Work) at sshaikh@mun.ca or Dr. Jennifer A. Selby (Religious Studies, Faculty of Arts) at jselby@mun.ca
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