Security and Privacy

Secure and Highly Available Server Environment

DotCom Your Event® designs, develops and deploys mission critical Software Solutions through our own Dedicated Web and Database Servers. Our servers are located at a computer housing facility hosted by Rogers Data Centres (, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Rogers Data Centre guarantees 100% uptime for Internet connectivity and power as well as the most advanced physical security in the business and is fully PCI compliant.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our servers and your data is protected and available 100% of the time. Our server environment is front-ended with a state-of-the-art Unified Threat Management (UTF) system. The UTF system is an impenetrable firewall that addresses Anti-virus, Web Filtering, Email Filtering, Data Loss Prevention, SSL Inspection and Intrusion Prevention. Our web server is protected by the UTF system through a DMZ interface of the firewall with strict access policies to further prevent intrusions. The web server is a Raid 1 configuration with 12 GB of memory, two hot-swappable drives, two network cards with network card teaming and dual power supplies running a 64-bit Windows operating system.

Behind the web server is our database server which is directly connected via a single port to the web server and is not accessible via the internet. It is configured with a Raid 10 configuration with 24 GB of memory, four hot-swappable drives, two backup network cards with network card teaming and dual power supplies to provide the utmost redundancy possible and optimal load balancing. The Raid 10 configuration and Windows 64-bit operating system provides the optimal environment for fast database performance.

Our Security and Privacy Policies

DotCom Your Event®’s Registration Systems surpass industry standards on data security, data integrity and personal privacy. This includes our guarantee to provide you with the following:

  • Password-Protection
    All of our systems are password-protected to ensure controlled access to your data. You control the distribution of your passwords to staff and clients.
  • Encryption Technology
    Each of our systems utilizes industry-standard secure server technology: GEOTrust Digital Web Certificates, GeoIP tracking, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), 128-bit encryption, and fraud detection software to protect all data transmitted across the Web.
  • Privacy
    We guarantee that we will not distribute your data to anyone other than you and those chosen by you as a DotCom Your Event® customer. (Details on our Privacy Policy).
  • Data Ownership
    The data collected from your event attendees is stored on our secure Web servers. All data collected using our software is 100% owned and managed by you.
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant
    Our ecommerce solutions are 100% PCI Compliant. Our servers are scanned for intrusion vulnerabilities on a quarterly basis. Our systems and application software is kept up-to-date with all of the required security patches.