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Boundary Spanning Leadership Workshop

July 21, 2013

Co-located with IEEE PES General Meeting

Vancouver, BC, Canada

IEEE Power & Energy Society
IEEE PES Women In Power
Boundary Spanning Leadership Workshop 
July 21, 2013
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Please Note: This event has been cancelled.
About Women in Power (WiP):
Who We Are
The Women in Power initiative has pulled together a Leadership Advisory Committee comprised of men and women from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Their stories and their positions in the industry help to demonstrate, first hand, the success that anyone can achieve with a lot of hard work. This leadership team is supported by mentors and role models who share their stories and share of themselves to help realize the potential of women in the power industry.
What We Do
PES Women in Power fosters a more diverse leadership by supporting the career advancement, networking and education of women in the energy industry. Our goal is not to simply increase the number of women in the power industry but to promote women into leadership positions as well.
Who We Serve
PES Women in Power serves ambitious, professional women in the power and energy industry who are looking for leadership positions and career advancement. The skills, networking and mentorship that are offered benefit women throughout the industry, whether they are engineers, attorneys, policy makers or accountants. But this is not just for women. Anyone could benefit from the professional development offered and everyone is welcome to join.
About the Workshop:
“The question at the heart of Boundary Spanning Leadership is; how do we lead in a world where boundaries – characterized by wide-ranging differences in values, priorities, and cultures - collide, intersect, and link on a daily basis? As human beings, we all have needs for both unity and separation, autonomy and affiliation, differentiation and integration. Leaders must learn to constantly balance these competing needs. During the People in Aid workshop, we’ll explore a more contemporary approach where you first manage boundaries to forge common ground to ultimately discover new and innovative frontiers.”
What is creative leadership? It's the capacity to think and act beyond the boundaries that limit our effectiveness. Every leader and organization faces obstacles that are difficult to surmount - from corporate executives confronting the complex global marketplace to educators trying to lift student achievement to nonprofit groups and government agencies addressing critical social issues with tight budgets.
Six Practices for Solving Problems, Driving Innovation, and Transforming Organizations, participants will:
·         Identify five types of boundaries that limit personal and organizational effectiveness and the six boundary spanning practices to overcome them
·         Experience and take home a copy of CCL’s Boundary Explorer ™ tool
·         Develop a workbook-based plan to begin putting boundary spanning into action, using the Boundary Spanning Tactics for Success Workbook
Who Should Attend:
The workshop is not designed just for managers. You will learn how you can develop deep collaboration across organizational boundaries. 
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