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2022 GEOEC Solstice Series:

An Environmental and Outdoor Education Experience

Global, Environmental & Outdoor Education Council (GEOEC)

The Global, Environmental & Outdoor Education Council (GEOEC) of the Alberta Teachers’ Association is hosting PD Events for all educators and leaders in the field of Environmental and Outdoor Education. This past fall was the first of a three part speaker series and workshop training weekend. This December, we warmly welcome you to our Solstice Series Part II.
The Global, Environmental and Outdoor Education Council (GEOEC)
of the Alberta Teachers’ Association is excited to bring a PD Event for all educators, enthusiasts and leaders in the fields of Environmental and Outdoor Education.
Please join us for this amazing workshop weekend!
We have not one but THREE very exciting Keynote Speakers Friday night!
Event starts at 6:00pm with a collection of service providers and free resource booths set up!
Our Keynote Speakers will run from 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Saturday we are offering over three different training workshops, PD Sessions and seminars for those that would like to capitalize on some amazing enrichment opportunities!
Don't miss out on this one of kind Experiential Education Event!
Location: Vincent Massey School, Calgary, AB
         939 - 45th Street SW, T3C 2B9

Friday, December 9, 2022
Keynote Speakers - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Keynote Speaker: Necessary Journeys

Since 1998 Leanne Allison have been working on pressing conservation issues in creative ways.

Leanne Allison continues to work as an independent documentary filmmaker. You can see her filmography here. Losing Blue is Leanne’s upcoming short film about our impact on deep time processes in high alpines lakes in the age of the Anthropocene written by J.B. Mackinnon (Bear 71) and produced by the National Film Board

For more information visit - https://www.necessaryjourneys.ca/


Keynote Speaker: Avalanche Canada


Avalanche Canada: The Home of Public Avalanche Safety in Canada

Avalanche Canada is a non-government, not-for-profit organization dedicated to public avalanche safety. We issue daily avalanche forecasts throughout the winter for much of the mountainous regions of western Canada, providing this free information via our website and our app, Avalanche Canada Mobile. We also coordinate and deliver avalanche awareness and education programs, provide curriculum and support to instructors of Avalanche Canada training programs, act as a central point-of-contact for avalanche information, and work closely with many different avalanche research projects, both at home and abroad.

We published a booklet describing our work. Please click here to take a look.

For more information visit - https://www.avalanche.ca/en/map

Keynote Speaker: Guardians of the Ice



Guardians of the Ice is a multidisciplinary art project attending to the Columbia Icefield and all that it means. The Icefield, located on the Continental Divide in the Canadian Rockies, is a significant bellwether of the accelerating effects of climate change. It is retreating faster than ever, and we are facing an unknown future, charged with stories of hope and prophecies of doom, and therefore rich with opportunity.
For more information visit - https://guardiansoftheice.com/

Saturday, December 10, 2022


1) Outdoor Council of CanadaOvernight and Winter Module Training/Certification Course

                                                       (Saturday & Sunday)

* This course offers a systematic approach for planning and managing a winter based trip and over-night pursuits.  The Course qualifies those to lead over-night trips and winter based trips.  Two courses combined into one. (Please note there is a course fee of $400 for these two certifications)


2) Project Wild Training Workshop (Saturday)


3) Company of Adventurers - Ski/Snowshoe - Activities for Educators (Saturday)



Global, Environmental & Outdoor Education Council (GEOEC)

Organizer of Solstice Series Part II: An Environmental and Outdoor Education Experience

The Global, Environmental & Outdoor Education Council (GEOEC) is an interdisciplinary specialist council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. Our mission is to provide resources and venues for dialogue and networking, as well as to promote quality professional development for Alberta teachers in the areas of global, environmental and outdoor education. Members receive current news items, teaching ideas, information about our workshop series, and food for thought through our quarterly journal Connections.

We are also active on Facebook and Twitter, with up-to-date information on PD opportunities and initiatives in Alberta.

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