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Dr. Jan Kornder Memorial Award
The Dr. Jan Kornder Memorial Award is presented each year to individuals or groups within Fraser Health that have demonstrated
outstanding achievement in Quality and Patient Safety.
Dr. Jan Kornder was a staunch supporter of patient safety within Fraser Health.  He worked tirelessly to enhance partnerships across all sectors of Fraser Health to promote a culture of safety.  His untimely passing in 2015 left a void for the many that knew him.  In honor of his memory, the Clinical Quality and Patient Safety portfolio wanted to present an award to an individual or team that demonstrates outstanding achievement in the area of Quality and Patient Safety.  We worked closely with Dr. Kornder’s family to create an award that would not only honor his memory but also acknowledge his contribution.  
The selection committee is accepting nominations for the 2017 award and will be evaluating submissions based on the criteria listed below.
Award Selection Criteria
Provide quality care and services to our patients, clients and residents and their families, by:
  • Incorporating best practices or contributing to the development of best practices
  • Improving patient safety
  • Improving effective delivery of care
  • Embracing dignity & respect
  • Exhibiting patient & family centeredness
Building Capacity:
Focus on refining our primary and community care strategies, improving hospital effectiveness, ensuring timely access to appropriate surgical care and supporting rural health care strategies, by:
  • Improving accessibility to services
  • Increasing patient satisfaction
  • Improving patient reported outcomes
  • Improving information sharing
Fiscal Responsibility:
Manage our resources and spend money wisely to maximize the care and services offered to our patients, clients and residents, by:
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Taking risk
  • Focusing on solutions
  • Improving the efficiency of care delivery
Staff and Physicians:
Support our workplace to be engaged and motivated.  This means we will be responsive and proactive and we will create a workplace that allows employees to perform at their best, by:
  • Establishing strategic partnerships
  • Improving staff and physician experience
Nominate an Individual or Team
Please fill out the Dr. Jan Kornder Memorial Award Nomination Form for deserving candidates and submit via email to PtExConference@FraserHealth.ca.  Deadline for submissions is September 15, 2017.
Meet Last Year's Recipients
Mrs. Carolyn Hein (Kornder) presents awards to Luda Krapchan and Sarah Grummisch
Luda Krapchan, Sarah Grummisch, Charmaine Rykyta and Kelly Van Blanken from Ridge Meadows Hospital each received the inaugural Dr. Jan Kornder Memorial Award for their 'Every Code' video, set to the tune of Adele’s 'Hello'.  They created an engaging educational tool in conjunction with site leadership, frontline employees, fellow CNEs and Biofilm Media, with funding through the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation, Pacific Open Heart Association and the Royal Canadian Legion.  
This video promotes the effective delivery of CPR.  This video demonstrates an outstanding use of media to impact activities, behaviors and attitudes.  CPR is a physical and emotional taxing event for everyone that is involved.  The emotion that surrounds this care event is tangible and forever leaves an inedible mark on everyone’s psyche. Luda, Sarah, Charmaine and Kelly's video leads with emotion and then presents the key elements that are required to provide the correct interventions in a timely fashion for the desired outcome. The video combines the emotion, knowledge, skill, and collaboration of the clinical team, patient, and family into a single powerful call to action.
Congratulations on creating such a wonderfully engaging tool for Fraser Health and your high level of commitment to Quality and Patient Safety!
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