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An opportunity to see the other side.
An opportunity to connect or to cross over.
provides passage; promotes connection; overcomes barriers;
strengthens partnerships; inspires exploration; requires collaboration.
BUILDING BRIDGES will provide opportunities to look at the networks, relationships and connections between aspects of our sector. How do theatres relate to their communities? What is the relationship between the praticing sector and the academic world? How is theatre becoming more interdisciplinary? How do neighbouring theatre communities relate to each other? How do successful companies bridge artistic risk with financial stability? How is PACT overcoming barriers to promote equity and inclusion?
PACTCON2016 actively encourages participation from the entire professional theatre community.  BUILDING BRIDGES is about making connections in an effort for individuals, companies and organizations to come together from across Canada to participate in discussion, dialogue and debate.
Sessions will relate to the BUILDING BRIDGES theme and will explore some of the following areas:
  • Interdisciplinary Artistic Practice
  • Balancing Artistic Risk with Financial Stability
  • Equity & Inclusion
  • Mentorship & Succession Planning
  • Models of Collaboration and Co-commissioning
  • PLEASE NOTE: Programming and Schedule subject to change.



If you have any questions or need assistance registering please contact Boomer
at boomers@pact.ca or at 416-595-6455 x16. 
215 Spadina Ave, Suite 555. Toronto, ON. Canada. M5T 2C7.  www.pact.ca |boomers@pact.ca| P: 416-595-6455
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